Saturday, January 27, 2007

God's Blessings...

The other day my son told me that when he had recently had a friend over to play, that they went into the pantry and got out some food, and were about to eat it. But, he told his friend that they shouldn't do it, because he knew that I wouldn't want them to.

So, he put it back.

Well, the day that he told me this story, he was sitting at the breakfast table with a plate full of freshly cooked eggs and toast.

But, I went to my "candy stash" cabinet and got some m&ms and put some on his plate, without saying anything.

Then, I put some on his sister's plate too.

He then said, "Mom, what is this for?".

I explained, " I am giving you a blessing because you chose to obey, even when I wasn't there to know if you would or not. That is true obedience, son...choosing to obey when no one is around to notice."

So of course his next comment was, "But Brennan didn't do it...I did!".

To which I said, "Caedmon, one of the greatest parts of learning to walk in obedience is learning the truth that when you obey, you often times end up being blessed, and many times...others are blessed too."

I then shared with him the story of Noah. In Genesis 6, we see that Noah walked with God. He was obedient to God, and the Bible says that he's the only one that God found who was.

Yet, because of Noah, God chose to bless his wife and sons and their wives too.

It was such a great opportunity to teach my children from God's Word, and give them an example of application in their own lives. :)

That was one of those days when I just kept thanking God that I am able to homeschool them. The day was rich with living examples of God's precepts being lived out in their lives.

Off to sleep now...
Nightie Night!


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful lesson! :) ((Hugs)) to you and the kids.

D.L. White said...

What an awesome opportunity to give a real life application! You're an awesome mom! (And your kids are pretty cool too!!!)