Friday, August 06, 2010

Can I Bribe You?

Can you be bought?


OK, so probably not, but can you be enticed by something of a gift? 

For anyone who chooses to take the challenge from my last post, and digs into those few scriptures and posts a comment answering some or all of the questions I posted, I'll put your name into a random drawing for a free book off of my bookshelf.

I'll choose one of the 40-minute studies that I love so much.

That B.J. Lawson can write! Lemme tell you! 
David Lawson's name is on them too, but he gives her all of the credit. 

Come on! I'm so eager to hear what you've gotten out of the passage.

I'm going to write my next post about my sweet Grandmother...look for that tomorrow.

Until then, I hope you'll enjoy the pictures of my sweet family that I just posted. 

Love ya'll tonight!

OKAY the rest of you...there's still plenty of time! We've got a GREAT "discussion" going here so far. I encourage you to take a minute and read the comments from the 2 ladies who have posted so far.

Now YOU tell us, what has the Lord shown you from this passage?
It's no fair feeling stupid...if that's all that's holding you back from posting, please.....let that go!
I wouldn't have a blog if I let that thought rule...because I have it often.

In a few more days I plan to share my heart about this passage...but I gotta have more than 2 comments before I do that.  :)

Who will be next?

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

What Will Your Chapter Title Be?

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

I hope this finds you having a great start to your day!

It's 56% humidity here in Tennessee, and I have to hair looks GOOD! :)

The injection I take each day has brought the ringlet curls of my baby years back to me, and I am diggin' them!

God is so gracious...took the curls away when I was 2 and my hair all fell out, brought it back straight for me to have during my preteen, teen and easily bothered 20s and 30s....then brought them back to me to savor during my 40s...a time when I really don't want to be mussing with me hair, love.

Okay, so I'm asking you to rise to a challenge with me this morning...will you go for it?

I want you to click here and read 1 Samuel 13:19 - 14:23.

Remember, pray first!

If you belong to Jesus Christ, then you have the Holy Spirit residing in you.

He is your teacher.

Ask Him for wisdom and understanding.

You can even ask Him to take away your fears about studying the Bible for yourself.

Tell Him that just for today, you really, really, really want to hear directly from Him...that you don't want someone else to tell you what to believe about God's Word, you want Him to teach you as any loving parent teaches their child.

Now, trust Him and dig in!

Read this passage as many times as you have to in order to get a grasp on what's happening.

Ask yourself...who are the main characters in this chapter?

What is the objective?

What's at stake?

Make a list on paper of any other questions that the Lord lays on your heart about this chapter as you read through it.

Please hear me here...hear my heart...the Lord has shown me something HUGE from this passage of Scripture and it would be so easy just to write it all out for you here, but I am desperate for you to know that you CAN learn to study for yourself.

So please, will you read it so we can have a good discussion?

After you've had your time before the Lord, will you come back here and post a comment telling us:

1. What questions arose for you as you read the passage?
2. What part was hard for you?
3. What did you learn?

and finally...but only for those who want extra credit points....

4. What would your chapter title for this passage be?
Let's just pretend that the verses I've given you to read are all in the same chapter.

Okay my friends, I must run....I've got some hungry little birdies waiting on me!

Much love to you today!
p.s. I know I should, but I'm not proof-reading today. :)