Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Blogging Days Are Over

I'd like to thank you for the time you've spent here. I've loved getting to know some of you via this blog. A few precious, lifelong friendships have been formed as a result of your visits here, and for that I praise Jesus.

So you are likely wondering why I'm not going to blog anymore.

Simply put, God has made it clear to me that I'm to stop.

So, I'm obeying Him.

I am feeling better, and think that the CCSVI procedure really did work after all. I know it did. I think that perhaps the months of January and February were just so riddled with colds and bad weather, that my body was thrown by them.

With this new lease on life, I'm ready to dig deeper.
Deeper into my children's lives. Deeper into being an attentive wife with a heart that
anticipates the needs of my beloved, and serves him before he makes his needs known to me.

Hmmm...sorta reminds me of God. He knows our needs before we even ask them of Him....think of how many times He has provided for you before you even KNEW you had a specific need.

I want to be that kind of wife. That kind of mother.

That kind of friend!

The Lord is placing me in new roles, and I want to be 100% free to walk strong in Him and fulfill these ministries.

I'm back to teaching kids how to study inductively, through our homeschool co-op. That will begin next Fall, but preparation begins now. :)

This summer I will be leading the Precept study on the book of Esther, and I am SUPER excited about it!!! There will be many ladies coming who are brand new to inductive study, so I truly would cherish your prayers that I'll be faithful, and that they will fall in love with studying God's Word!

I will miss you all!

I'll be leaving the blog live, but won't be writing anymore.

Much love to all of you in Christ Jesus.
Keep diggin in for yourselves!