Friday, July 31, 2009

Precept Training - Phoenix, Arizona

Two Precept training workshops are coming up at
Standing Stones Community Church, Phoenix, AZ- in the North Valley. (16th Ave & Happy Valley Rd.)

Workshops are open to, women and teens. Free training for Pastors and some Church leaders is explained below.

Here's the schedule:

Sept 18th, Word Studies;
Sept. 19th, Basics of Precept Upon Precept.

Basics of Precept Upon Precept (1 day)
If you’ve never done a Precept Upon Precept (PUP) course, this is where to start.
This workshop will qualify you to lead Precept Upon Precept classes after learning to do homework and how to effectively lead a discussion. Experience the joy of discovering the Truth of the Bible for yourself!

Word Studies (1 day)
Learn to do Word Studies to uncover insights not readily apparent in English.
Discover how definitions and grammatical structures of verbs help in more accurately interpreting the text.

FREE - for information about FREE training for Pastors and Church Leaders, please go to:

These 2 workshops could qualify as FREE to Pastors and some Church Leaders!

Please copy & paste this invite and send to your friends, your churches, other Precept leaders, and the class members whom you praying that God would raise up other leaders from within your classes.

People need to know how to dig into God's Word for themselves...will you help them?

For additional info: or 623-444-6551

Let's be on our faces, begging God for new leaders to be raised up...especially men! :)
More leaders means more people in God's Word!
More male leaders could mean more men leading their families and church bodies in God's Word!

Love you all so much,

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Fried....

I'm so fried, I should be served with a side of hollandaise sauce and some skillet 'taters!


I wish The Good Egg was open at 11pm...I'd be ordering my favorite Eggs Benedict with avocado slices and hollandaise....turkey served on the side, cold please.

And a big iced tea with Stevia.

You knew THAT was coming, didn't you?!


(I'll post something more exciting soon.)

It's been a tough week - 10 days.

Daily injections are a drag....a painful drag, except on the tummy days...I've got extra subcutaneous fat there. I knew it would serve a purpose one day...that's why I've been holding onto it all this time!

I've been swimming a lot, so my arms & legs are getting more & more toned, and thus the shots there are harder to give, and very painful.

I have a super high tolerance for when I say it hurts, IT REALLY HURTS!

I just sit on the couch with my ice pack, fighting back the tears for 30 minutes or so.

It's a drag.

Did I say that already?

However my prayer time while I'm sitting there is RICH, especially when I'm praying for someone's salvation. :)

I sure am learning a lot about suffering for the cause of Christ....

Would you PLEASE send me an email with the name of some you love, for whom I can pray during these painful times?

It's a beautiful thing to be able to think about someone else, and pray for them to know the love of the Lord, when what my flesh wants to do is cry like a baby! can leave an anonymous comment if you like, or zip an email to me.

I won't be able to respond to every note, but I will pray for your loved ones.

You have my word on that!

Love to you,

P.S. I wish you could hear Caedmon's detailed explanation that he gave us tonight, of how he is going to design something to repair mylein. After he went through it all, his Daddy said, "Son..that's called nano-technology..."

I couldn't believe that his little mind has been working that hard, and that deeply, to create a solution to repairing mylein in the brain. He had me, completely, until he started talking about taking the good mylein from dead people and using it in my brain....

I was quickly lost at that point.

It's ok if they need to do it to me one day, I just don't want to talk about it over my bowl of granola, know what I mean?

OK...I'm really going now. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Women Leading Men...Just My Thoughts...

I shared my thoughts yesterday on the Precept Leader Yahoo Group, about women leading a co-ed group.

Remember, context is king..context rules, so think about the context of this note as you read it...I've just copied and pasted my note, but have made a few changes, so that in context, you will better understand it.

The question was about leading a co-ed group, but I want you to consider the question more as,
"Should I as a woman, lead men?"'re on my you evidently want my opinion. ;)

Love you to the sun today...which will be blazing at 115 degrees within another few that's some love! :)

Here's what I wrote....

This is something that I have gone before the Lord on countless times.

I have sought the counsel of those whom I respect and know to be Godly people.

Then I went back to the Lord..

I've talked with my husband about it repeatedly...and sought his ever wise counsel.

This is where I am on it today....

I know that God has not called me to lead men.

He has called me to lead women, and teens, but not men.

For me, much of this rests in who I was before Christ, and in how much I value protective boundaries.

It also rests in the fact that I know that God has given the women and I such a sweet fellowship...the same can be said with the teens...but especially with the women.

They open up their hearts.

We cry together when God shows us something piercing from His Word.

There are open times of repentance.

I just don't think that would happen at this level if we were meeting with men for our discussion time.

In addition, it is my heart to see men raised up in our churches.

I feel like often they don't step up, because women have too quickly filled all the roles.

In part, I feel we've emasculated our men.

This is just me...and I'm just being totally honest.

So, God has called me, with the permission of my husband, elders and pastor, to do all I can to bring Precept training to our the hope that men will be trained and then will lead.

I think we have to begin to think of our roles as leaders in a different way...we have to start asking God how He wants to use us to raise up more leaders, in the hope that we will see many new classes crop up within our
churches and communities.

It's my heart...but I would encourage you to pray for a male leader, to beg of God for one, before you step out to co-lead. I would go so far as to say, just don't.

Or, ask your husband if he would lead the men's discussion, while you lead the women's and then come together for the video. That works for many classes that couples lead all over the world.

I trust that others will disagree with me, but I firmly believe that if we ever want this ministry to be seen as a male and female ministry in America, we as women have to be on our faces in prayer for our men, instead of out in front of them.

That's just me...

If you are being called of God to organize a Precept training in your area, and want to know more about how to do this, please feel free to email me at .

I will happily share with you whom to contact at the ministry, and how to get one going.

In His Great Love,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HOW Did She Do It?

Do you ever stop and think about the mothers of the great men of the Word?

HOW did they do it?

I mean, seriously!

Think of King David's mother.

How did she raise a man after God's own heart?

HOW, Lord....oh how?

What about Daniel's Mom?


How did she raise a young man who, after being taken into captivity by a Godless nation, would stand up and offer HIS LIFE as a living sacrifice to 15 years old!

I confess, I don't even know her name...I haven't studied Daniel extensively. I'm not even aware of whether her name is listed in the Word or not.

Yet still my question remains...HOW did she do it?!

What about King Josiah's Mom?

Is her name listed in Scripture? Anyone know?

Whomever she was, this I do know...Josiah's father was a Godless man, as the Word makes it clear that King Josiah's father was an idol worshiper, who DID NOT tear down the high places in Judah, who DID NOT rip out the idols from the land, as God had commanded. took his son to do that.

His son, who became the king at the ripe old age of.....

hang on.....

wait a second....

you ready for this.....


It was during Josiah's reign that the HIGH PRIEST (hello!) found the Word of the Lord in the House of the Lord!


The Word of God was lost in the temple of God!

You know what King Josiah did when they told him what they'd found?

He tore his clothes!

He mourned.

He knew that the judgement of God was coming because of the grievous sin of the nation and the rulers.

Then, he commanded that every high place erected to a false god, be torn down.

Oh, how I want to meet him!

Can you imagine?!

A boy king with that kind of heart to obey God.

Oh, that I will raise one just like him!

( You can find his story in 2 Kings chapters 21, 23, and 2 Chronicles chapters 33, 34, 35 and also Jeremiah chapters 1, 3, 22, 25...or just go to and enter "King Josiah" into the search bar.)

What about Paul's Momma....who was she?


Granted, Paul was lost under a false system of "righteousness" for a long time, but when he was called by God, for HIS glory...oh how God used him to impact the Kingdom!

I am the mother of a David.

A Daniel.

A Josiah.

A Paul.

Oh, how I want him to walk as they walked!

Oh, how I want him to choose their path instead of being a Jonah.

I'm sorry. I'm just being honest here..I find Jonah to have been a whiner. Maybe that's just me.

So today, when I was ready to start spitting green goo out of my head because I was so done,
I asked my son...

Whom I just told LAST SUNDAY, that I know he's a David, a Daniel, a Josiah....

I asked him, " are you going to live? Are you going to be a Jonah? Is it going to take being in the belly of a fish before you choose to walk in obedience? What's it going to take?"

Now mind you, he's such a good and kind little boy on most levels...but DADGUM if he didn't get his Mommy's strong will!

And I gotta say, by comparison, I look like a wimp!

The problems present themselves when he has an idea that is contrary to ours.

He even had the gaul to say to me today,
"Mommy. After the 3rd time, I was going to listen to you and not tell you again what I wanted."

Um. Oh, no you didn't!



What's wrong with this picture?!

I asked him, "Caedmon, how many times it is supposed to take before you obey?"



Oh boy...I'm still left asking, "HOW DID THEY DO IT?"

I thank God for His Word, into which I told my son to run today...that is, after I told him that he was taking a nap!

I thank God for my husband, the leader of our home, who leads with a love of the Lord, but doesn't allow his 9 year son to treat his wife poorly.

I thank God for chocolate...I need a piece right now! I'm going to the pantry!

Whew! Tomorrow will be here in T-7 hours!

Love you today,

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Simple Update....

Gosh, I gotta tell you that it's killing me that my blog is about me right now, and not about God's Word, as I so want it to be.

I have at least 8 blog posts swimming around in my head that I want to write and share with you.

One is a photo montage of the past 3's great. Look for that, as I think you all will have fun with it. :)

The past few days have been quite tough. I think it's the 115 degree heat. No, I'm not kidding!

Where are Michigan or Maine or upstate New York when you need them?!


We cherish your prayers as we adjust to our new lifestyle. Thank you so much!

It's going to be all's just a bit tough right now.

Oh, but the post that I want to write called, "The Lavish Love of God"....that's going to be one you won't want to miss, as you will be crumbled to your knees as you hear of the awesome things He's done for us these past few weeks.

My visit with my sweet brother was the best we've had in 15 years. I love him so.

Thank you for your prayers for our time together.

Did I tell you how much I love him?

Oh, how I do!

I'll write more soon...can't wait to tell you what I learned about Tel Gezer.


Have a wonderful night.

I'm going to chase down some sleep.

Love you all the way to the Advocate, Who sits at the right hand of the Father, always making intercession for the saints....and a saint is anyone who has put their faith in Christ Jesus...that's straight from the Word, I'm not making that up! :)

Did I tell you that I love you?

Oh, how I do!


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Double Post Day...

I don't know if I've ever done a double post day, but several of you have emailed to ask me what the update on my health is, so I thought I'd just fill you in real quickly.

I'm struggling right now, but not too bad. Just having some issues with my eyes, and with my body adjusting to some of the medications.

The one that Shane and I removed last week is the very medication that Dr. Wonderful wants me on. He says my body just needs some time to adjust to it, and that what I was going through last week is more indicative of anxiousness than it is of an allergic reaction to a medication.

I trust him. I think he's such a fantastic doctor, and I'm going to do what he suggests.

So, I'm back on Neurontin.

Also...I had been praying so hard that when we met with Dr. Wonderful yesterday, we would all be on the same page regarding what long term treatment I should do. He had been suggesting Avonex, which is a once a week shot, but from the get-go I just didn't feel right about that one.

I was concerned about liver damage, and flu-like side effects which are supposedly pretty strong and can last for months.

From the beginning, I've felt more like what I am supposed to be on is Copaxone, which is a once a day shot, but has very minimal side effects.

Plus, my best friend from childhood, Anna, who was diagnosed in December with MS has done her research on it, and found it to be her best option. She has more of a holistic approach to medicine, like I normally do, so I trust her opinions on it.

Plus, she's been taking it now for several months and says it has given her her life back.

It's $3,000 a month.

Yep, that's thousands!

When I went yesterday to have the prescription filled, the lady was concerned that my insurance might not cover it.

Then she put it through the system, and it came back that we have a $25 copay per month. That's it.

I literally THREW my hands up in the air and said, "Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus!"

So, Lord willing, I'll start that treatment either today or tomorrow. The pharmacy had to order it in, as they don't stock it due to the price.

If you'd like to follow how Kate is doing, you can go to her CaringBridge site. Just click here.

Be forewarned, you'll fall in love. She's adorable!

Have a great day!

Bathe It In Prayer Wednesday...

Precious Friends,

Or, should I call you Precious've been very quiet in the comments section these past few days. Are you sleeping? Have we broken up?

Anybody there?


Oh well, I'm good at talking to I'll just rattle on...

I have a special person to tell you about today, and then I'm going to ask you to pray over my upcoming time with him.

My brother Blain is coming to visit me today and stay the night with us.

I am beside myself with excitement!

Let me tell you about Blain-o, Uncle Blain, The Blainster.


Blain was my hero when I was a little girl. He is 5.5 years older than me, and he was the best brother a little girl could have ever asked for.

He loved me.

He taught me how to skin a squirrel.

He taught me to love the woods, and the solitude that they offered.

He didn't beat me up when he was in High School and had just brought his new girlfriend over, and I came running out to show her his Jr. High picture where he had a huge fever blister on his lip yelling, "Look! Look! It's a booger! EEEW! A huge booger!"

And, he let me live.

Now, that's a good brother!


When the little boy down the block was constantly harrassing me on the bus, Blain took me aside one afternoon and spent hours with me, teaching me to fight.

The next day, when the kid pulled my dress up, I told him not to do it again or he was going to get it when I got off the bus!

He did it again.

Bad brother was a good coach.

That little boy went home with a bloody nose, crying for his Momma!


Problem solved. :O)

When my brother went off to college, and worked to pay his way through, he never missed giving me a very nice gift for my birthday and Christmas.

You gotta consider...he was an 18 year old young man....yet he thought it important enough to spend what little money he had left over, after paying for his schooling, to buy me a special gift each time. And special they were...each one lovingly chosen just for me.

Hindsight really is 20/20, isn't it?

I was a teenager, I didn't get what a sacrifice he was making just to love on me.

I know now, those gifts mean more to me now than they did then.

As we grew older, I got more and more stupid.


I spent the years from about 18-29 determined to destroy my life. I found free rent in the cesspool, and thought "'s free. I'll move there!"

The cesspool of life.

It's not free, by the way. It costs much in the end.

So, there was a strain on my relationship with my brother for many years. It was my fault, not his.

In the midst of all of my insanity, he married one of the most hospitable women I've ever met. Her name is Patty, and she's quite different than me, but I have come to love her dearly as I have watched her lovingly care for and serve my family.

She is the epitome of a gracious hostess. She leaves me speechless!

And, she's a straight-shooter. I love that about her, and I've learned so much from her about how to be the same. Truly, I appreciate knowing where I stand with someone, and Patty has taught how to express the same in my life.

What a huge gift that's been, to a girl who grew up in the South, where often we don't shoot so straight.

I love Patty.

Then, they had Sam, the wonder nephew. Oh, what a ball of energy he is!

What a funny, smart, adorable little guy! We love him so much!

So, here's my prayer request for today, "Bathe It In Prayer Wednesday"....

I want my sweet brother to feel so loved on while he's here. I want him to feel at home.

My heart wants to be able to serve his every need, to anticipate what he'll want before he wants it, to fill his tea glass and wait on him hand and foot.

I want to serve him.

But I'm just not at that point physically right now.

I'm weak, and my body is adjusting to I'm just a bit off at this moment.

He's not going to care. I know that. He doesn't want to be served. That's me..that's my desire.

He just wants to come and be with us.

That's what he'll get...just us, dustbunnies and all...because I don't have the energy to pick them up right now.

I just want him to feel loved on. I want him to leave here feeling bathed in the love of his family, and the love of Christ through us.

So, would you please pray for our time together...that it will be precious, sweet, and restorative?

I sure do 'preciate ya. :)

Today, I love you all the way to God's Right Hand,

Part Two on Kate McRae

This post it an add on to my last one about Kate McRae.
It's also a cut and paste from a comment that I left on Angie's blog, which is where I first heard about Kate and the McRae family.

I'm tired and need to rest, so I cut and pasted tonight. I know...I know...but here it is:

I got to go today and pray with Holly's sister.

It was so awesome how God orchestrated the whole thing!

Thank you, Angie, for telling us about this need.

This sweet family is so precious!

Her sister told me about the many people who are emailing them to say that they've turned back to Christ because of Kate's story, and sharing with them how the fact that her family is glorifying God through this trial of fire, is what God is using to bring them to Him.

Praise God for that! Praise God!

How to pray: They are tired. Please everyone...pray for rest, peace, healing, and absolute wisdom from God for the doctors. Pray for God to be glorified in them, that truly is their deepest desire.

Of course, they want their baby healed.

Let us run into the Throne Room of God with our prayers.

Let us cry out to Jesus the Righteous, our Advocate before the Father.

As I was driving home, the verse "Jesus wept," came to my heart...and I got it for the first time ever. I got it in a way I've never gotten it before.

"Jesus wept."

He saw his friends in deep pain over losing their brother and He wept.

I believe He wept because He knew that in order for God's glory to be manifested in them, they had to go through that trial...yet, because He loved them, seeing them hurt was heartbreaking to Him.

Please read the story in John chapter 11. Please.

I just drove home weeping and weeping and weeping, and all I could say was, "I get it now God. I get it, dear Jesus. I get it. I get it!"

And then...all I could say was, "Oh God. Oh, God! Oh, God!"

It was wrenching to see Holly's sister's see the pain and heartache. To see the exhaustion.

She was so sweet. I told her I had wanted to get them robes, but that with all we've been dealing with in this recent MS diagnosis, I'm just not out and about like that yet..but that I'd had an appt. with my neurologist today, and it was literally just down the street from Phoenix Children' the Lord worked that out.

After I prayed for Kate, Stephanie prayed over me.

What a sweetheart!

And then, like a lightning bolt, this toe headed little burst of joy came running through the door. It was Will, Kate's brother.

What a doll baby! What a gift to see his sweet face!

I wanted to hug his neck, but I couldn't catch him! :)

Anyway, he'd have thought, "Who is this strange lady hugging me?"

What a day!

God works through blogs.

God works for us.

Pray God's work in Kate.

I love you all the way to God's heart, and not back...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Urgent - Pray for Kate McRae


They ARE from Phoenix...Chandler, actually. If you go to their CaringBridge site, you can read their updates. Click here.

In true form of those who know and love the Lord, their current update is a plea to us to find another child to minister to today. They evidently have a strong support system through their church, but are seeing so many other kids there at PCH that do not have the same.

So, they are asking us to minister to another today, in their stead, and in Kate's honor.

I love these precious people already, don't you?!

God WILL be glorified through them. No doubt. He already is being.

For the believer in Jesus Christ, that's all that matters about our lives.


It's later in the day on Sunday, and now I love you to the moon, and back! :)


Friends, precious friends....

This family is at Phoenix Children's Hospital, going through a painful trial of fire at this very moment.

Please pray for them. Pray for sweet Kate.

I don't know if they are local to Phoenix or if they've come in just for treatment for their daughter, but would you please pray with me that we will KNOW...that God will make clear to us, the local body of Christ Jesus, how to be His hands and feet to them in this, their time of trial and need?

Pray that those who will tell them that if they believe hard enough, if their faith is strong enough, she will be healed...that those people will be hushed.

Those words can be so hurtful...because God doesn't always choose to heal us here on earth.

We are assured complete healing when we get home, but this world is not our home.

We will pray, we will beg of God, and we will choose to serve this sweet family in any way that they need us to...and through all of that, we will trust in God's sovereignty over their lives.

And we will pray that He is glorified through them in ways that will leave them awestruck, astounded at their God and King.

If I learn of things that they need, I will be calling upon you.

You've all blown my mind these past two weeks by how you have served and loved on my family, and now I'm asking you to do the same in prayer for this family...and be available to meet their physical needs also, should we find that they need us.

I love you to the moon!

Oh, how I love you,


I Love My Lips Silly Song

This has been my theme song this week. It's really weird not being able to feel my lips.

I'm glad that Larry understands.

You'll have me to thank when you're singing this song in your head for the next 48 hours.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Just for Brennan

Little Miss Brennan came to me just a minute ago and said, "Mommy...I want to tell you what I think about my name."

And here's what she told me....

"I think of it like this...

B is the party around one

R is the brave one, like me

E is the warning one, because the Ns are about to take over



A is the captive one, because the Ns took it



I love the way her little mind thinks.

Happy 4th of July!

Friday, July 03, 2009

On Being Loved, and The Effects of Steroids

It's been an emotional and full past few days.

Tuesday my throat started closing up, and we thought we were in for an ER visit.

That was scary!

My face also went totally numb, from my nose down...on both sides. Then all this other funky stuff started happening. I'll spare you the details, but will just was nuts!

I started bawling like a baby because Mr. Wonderful (Shane) had hit his end (understandably) and when he raised his voice, (not at me, but it felt like it) I just lost it.

Our poor kiddos were in the hallway hearing Mommy crying her head off, Daddy trying not to raise his voice, and fear in the house so thick you could cut it with a knife.

I called precious Laura, and she was at my house within 10 minutes, picking up our kiddos to entertain them for the rest of the day. Thank you, sweet friend! I love you!

Mr. Wonderful then spent the next hour on the phone with pharmacists, asking about every possible side effect of the myriad of medications I'm on right now.

Have I mentioned how great it is being married to a brilliant engineer?

We then decided to remove the most likely culprit, and I started keeping a very detailed journal of how my body is reacting after each dosage of stuff I'm on.

I figured, if I was dying, I'd know it...and 911 would be quicker than a visit to the ER, anyway.

After a while, the throat closing-feeling went away, and the facial numbness has gotten much better...yet I still have trouble feeling my lips.

Makes me want to break out into a Veggie Tales song!

The only bummer in all of this is that the medication we eliminated is the one that helps with the intense pain in my hands and head.

Boo on that!

But, I'll see the Dr. on Tuesday, July 7th...that's Dr. Wonderful, not to be confused with
Mr. Wonderful, and we'll figure out a long term plan.


Dr. Wonderful and Mr. Wonderful...I'm a blessed lady, I've got one of both!

Wednesday....what happened Wednesday? I'm not too sure that I remember Wednesday.

Today, we went to the most amazing memorial service for my friend Georgann, a precious sister in Christ, who went home to be with Him last week.

We shed many tears, and I sat in awe as I watched the glory of the Lord pour forth from our worship leader and our pastor, and the many sweet people in our church who served today in honor of Georgann and her family.

I've been thinking so much these past few weeks, of how thankful I am for our church...not the building, but the people who fill it.

Of how thankful I am that God led us home, after 5 long years of praying to find ours.

Our pastor is unabashed about teaching the Word of God, but he does it with all patience and instruction. (2 Timothy 4)

He will not back down from the truth, but it's his heart...Christ's heart, that shines through each word that Jesus delivers through him.

Today, as I sat in Georgann's service, I thought about what it was like growing up under a cult leader, a false teacher.

I realized today, that what was so wounding about it was that I never heard the love of God from that false teacher. I had legalism shoved down my throat by that man, and words of harshness unlike any you'd ever expect to hear from a pastor, but I never once heard the love of God.

Never once.

The wounds that were inflicted by that man, and his false teaching, are still impacting my family today.

Yes, I know that God is gracious. I know that He redeems the time that the locust has eaten. I know that He works all things together for good for those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose.

I do know that...

Yet still, my heart breaks over the abuse he doled forth from his bully pulpit.

And I know it breaks God's heart!

By contrast, I listen to my current pastor, and the love he has for the flock that God has entrusted to him...his love for God...his love for those who do not know Jesus Christ...that love just pours out of him like healing water.

I realized today, we have a shepherd in him.

He loves us.

What a concept!

To have a pastor who loves you.

Who knew?

I sure didn't.

He loves us.

He loves Georgann.

He loves her family.

He loves us.

He loves.

He loves, because he learned how to from God, through Christ Jesus.

Oh, that I will love those whom God puts in my path the way that my pastor is modeling for me.

And Tyler, our worship leader...what a precious young man of God he is...and his darling wife, Joy, who serves our children faithfully...endlessly. She's the real deal...and I love her more every time I see her sweet face.

Last Sunday as we drove into the parking lot for church, I saw Tyler standing alone, reading his Bible in preparation for his time of service to our body.

I took that moment to say to the children,
"It's an awesome thing to drive into the church parking lot and observe your worship leader spending time with the Lord in His Word. Tyler loves God's Word, kids...and he "gets" that leading worship is his spiritual act of service to Christ and His body... he "gets" that it's not about him."


I do realize that I'm all over the place in this post...I thank you for your compassionate understanding.

I mean, you can't get too upset with a woman who can't feel her lips, now can you?

I gotta go to bed...

But before I do, two things...

1. If you live in the North Valley of Phoenix and are looking for an amazing church with people who truly love the Lord and each other, consider this your personal invitation to visit us at Standing Stones Community Church any Sunday morning at 10am.

You'll know you're in the right place, because you'll be welcomed with open arms, and a jar of jelly. You wanna know more about the jelly, you gotta come for a visit. :)

2. I thought I'd share a picture with you...that chronicles the effects that the steroids are having on me.

Be nice.

I know it's pretty brutal to see, but I just thought you all might want to know how to be praying for me.

Love you much,

Just for the record, this picture was actually taken 40 pounds ago. :0)