Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Praying About Whether or Not to Start Writing Again...

Would you please be in prayer for me too?

I'm back to the point where I seem to be writing blog entries in my head almost every single day.

I'll be honest with you, the reason I quit is because I couldn't handle the stress and emotional heartache that came with having to deal with a certain person who was sending me unkind comments anonymously.

However, because of tools like StatCounter, the person wasn't anonymous at all. 

The words were just so hateful, and stirred up so much pain, that I felt I should walk away.

Yet I can't help but wonder if she was just being used as a tool of the evil one?

Really, there's no wondering to it. I know that she was.

I miss writing. I truly do.

I miss sharing all that the Lord is teaching me through His Word.

I miss you all.

Perhaps you're not even "there" anymore, anyway.

I'm learning so much these days. It's awesome!

If you are "there," will you pray for me to know God's will for me regarding writing here?

Much love,