Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fourty and Still Figuring It Out...and Christmas This Year

Do you ever wonder when the day will come that you finally have life figured out?

You'll wake up early in the morning and have a super workout, after which time you'll eat your wonderfully healthy breakfast and trot right into your day. 

You sit down to feast at the Lord's Table as you dig into His Word. It's rich and delicious, but you NEVER have all of it that you want! 

By 8am, you'll have all the laundry going, your bed made, the kids fed, devotions done, the dogs brushed, floors swept, and all of your special handmade birthday and thank you cards will be written and in the mailbox.

Then you'll start your homeschooling day, changing subjects exactly every 30 minutes, teaching the trivium, taking your daily nature walk, teaching your kids to journal, and making sure that they're at least 2 grade levels ahead of their public schooled peers so that YOU can prove to all that homeschooling is the end all be all.

Oops! I forgot...your homemade wheat bread is ready to take out of the oven, and you've baked enough loaves to have some leftover to sell at the farmer's market, where of COURSE you spend at least one day a week because your family has to eat everything in it's most raw state.

By noon, your children have been around the world in their geography lessons, aced their math lessons on the first tries, learned 20 new words out of the dictionary, and polished their latin and spanish.

Time to grab a quick lunch and get ready for all of your afternoon fun!

Piano lessons are first.
Then soccer practice.
Play practice.
Scout popcorn sales.
Exercise time at the YMCA.

Chores...of course you're teaching your child to do EVERYTHING around the house that you want them to be prepared for life, after all. (No mention of the fact that this apprenticing program makes your chores take 2/3 longer than they ever did before.)

Time to make dinner...Daddy will be home soon!

Rush, rush, rush....little Susie needs to do a lot of the work...she's being trained to be  a homemaker...gotta teach her everything! (Nevermind that she's 4.)

In comes Daddy, time for family hour around the table. 
Talk. Chew. Talk. Chew. Argue. Chew. Talk. Chew.

All during dinner, you're thinking about your beloved's been so long! You've got comments to attend to, and dangling conversations that you have simply abandoned because you've been so busy.

Now it's time to wash dishes, get little Johnnie ready for his shower (prepare for throwdown over the "to shower or not to shower" for that really is the question), and talk Susie Q into taking a shower instead of a tub bath so that both she and Johnnie can get ready for bed at the same time. (Otherwise Susie will dawdle until at least her 13th birthday!)

Two showers running at the same time will work.  One tub bath would drain all of the water from your hot water heater.  

Susie is ticked about missing out on a bath, so look forward to 2 hours of complaining over this!

Looking ahead at your week you have:
Homeschooling Full
Homeschool Co-Op (all day event)
Church - Midweek service, you haven't made ONE yet...
Horseback riding lessons
Bible study class
Errands day
Sabbath Saturday (if you're lucky!)
Church on Sunday - morning and evening

You look over your schedule, thrilled that there are SO MANY great opportunities for you and your children!

But, truth be known, you are wiped out!

And, as you review your week, your heart is pierced when you hear your child tell another adult...well, what we do during the week is....* rattle, rattle, rattle* 
and then Mom reads the Bible to us about twice a week.


TWO days a week?!


How did that happen?

How did the daily time in the Word together turn into 2 days?

And then you stop and is upside down.

It's all good. So very many of the opportunities are GOOD ones.


Oh, how I love that word.


A term of contrast. It might as well read, "STOP RIGHT HERE! Something REALLY important is coming up and you DO NOT want to miss it!"

But, if Susie and Johnnie and Mommy and Daddy are so busy with all the opportunities that they are missing time together in the Word of God, then something HAS to change.

The Word of God...



Sharper than any two edged sword.

Used to divide...even to the joints and the marrow; the thoughts and intentions of the heart; the soul and the spirit.


As a mother, if I allow opportunities to cloud discipleship, I will stand before Jesus and find that I have failed.

My job isn't to rear a wonderful soccer player.

My job is to train and disciple world changers for God's Kingdom.


How much of Jesus do my children know?

How much of God's Word do they know?



Quit striving.


These will be my reminders to myself as we embark upon another homeschooling semester.

I was so stressed these past few days, worrying about trying to make our Christmas look the way I thought it was supposed to, and then I one here cared if we ate on the good china or not.

No one cared if I had a Christmas table cloth and a pretty center piece.

What mattered this Christmas was that we were together. 

Who mattered this Christmas was a dear friend of mine who needed someone by her side.

What my children will remember is the great Mexican food we had at a restaurant on Christmas Eve, the cookies we baked together, the time they spent playing in the snow with their Daddy, and the sharing of all we have to be thankful for...each of us thanked God for something important to us before the opening of each present.

Then we told of something we'd learned from the Word this year...with every single gift.

It was a precious time of sharing.

When it came time to eat dinner tonight, we realized that all we had to choose from was bean soup (which had been paying it's dividends around here for 2 days...p-you!) and corn dogs.

So I decided to whip up some potato soup instead.

And guess what?

From that soup, a new family tradition was born.

Brennan loved it so much that she said she wanted to have it EVERY Christmas night!

It was a sweet, low-key Christmas, and for was perfect!

Here's my recipe. I write these to myself, so you can disregard the personal notes. :)

Merry Christmas!

Homemade Christmas Night Potato Soup

I made this tonight on our very first White Christmas in our own home.

Brennan loved it so much that she said she wants us to have it EVERY Christmas night!

So this is how traditions are born! Thank You, Lord! 

8 Medium Sized Russet Potatoes, diced
2-3 Cloves fresh garlic
2-3 Leeks, root ends cut off
1 large carrot
Approx. 6 cups Organic Chicken Broth
Coarse Sea Salt
Coarse Ground Black Peppercorns
¼ c. salted butter

In All Clad sauce pan (or in a quality soup pot if I have one by the next time I make this) sauté chopped garlic and the ends of the leeks, which have been very thinly sliced and halved, in the butter.

Peel carrot and then shred with vegetable peeler, into thin strips and mix into the above.

Allow to cook over med-high heat until well done (though not browned).

Pour all the chicken broth into a large soup pot and add the sautéed vegetables, along with all of the potatoes.
Add approx 1 tsp. of salt and ground black pepper to taste. (8 churns or so.)

Bring to a boil.

Immediately reduce to simmer and allow to cook on low for approx. 25 minutes, or until the potatoes are very soft.
Remove approx. 5 cups of the soup and put into Vitamix and puree until smooth.

Pour this pureed soup back into the rest of the batch and blend the two soups together.

(If one prefers more of a clear broth with potato chunks, skip the Vitamix. If one prefers more of a smooth soup, everything can be blended in Vitamix, but be aware that you’ll still want to put the pureed soup back into the pot on the stove and cook on low for a few minutes in order to get the air bubbles out.)

Give your praise to the Lord.

Thank Him for His provision and for coming to earth to die for your sins, and rise that you might have newness of life in Him.

Commit to walk in obedience to Him as your Christmas gift to your Lord.


Serve and enjoy!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Why It's Important to Me to Be in Church on Christmas Eve

I want to be there for the lost and for the hurting.

I want to go to serve those who only walk though the church doors twice a year. What a ministry opportunity! 

I want to shower others with the joy of the LORD, which is my strength.

I will pray before we go, asking the LORD to direct my footsteps to someone who truly needs to be loved on by Him.

I will ask the LORD to give me a fresh filling of His Spirit, that His very Spirit might be the One ministering to others.

I will pray for those who will be in our church tomorrow, that they might hear through our Pastor's words the very Word of Life...and that some might receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

I want to share the true wonder of Christmas with my precious family...the fact that the Word became flesh and tabernacled among us...

Because He was willing to obey the Father, Who so loved the world, including all 4 of us.

I love you tonight,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CCSVI Video #1 is Up

Hi Friends,

For those of you who are interested in the CCSVI Liberation treatment that I had in November, I've finally figured out how to post the before and after videos.

Video #1 is up and you can find it by clicking the tab ^^^^ up there.

I'm uploading the others, but it takes a loooooong time, so please bear with me.

Merry Christmas!

In the love of the Babe Who came to sacrifice Himself for my sin, your sin, and the sin of all the world,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Long Overdue Update

Hi Friends,

Have you gone away?

I wouldn't blame you if you had at this point. 

I'm going to give you a brief update of the past 11 days.

Perhaps I should go back a little further.

Why it takes me falling flat on my face to realize that the grace I preach should also be the grace I walk in, I'm not sure.

When I arrived home from New York, I just didn't give myself the time I needed for my body to heal. I think that because there wasn't a warning label stuck to my forehead when I was shipped home, I just assumed that I'd be good as new and ready to hit life head on.


Although I was fighting hard, my body was revolting. I had two trips to the doctor because of leg swelling and two sonograms within a week of each other (this is boring already, isn't it?).

Friday night December the 3rd we had a wonderful women's event at our church, but it took every single ounce of pounce that I had in me to make it. 

With Lisa escorting me home, all I could think about was how ready I was to pile into bed. Yet when I got in the door, I saw on the the caller i.d. that one of my oldest and dearest friends from High School had called. When I listened to the message that she left, I could tell in her voice that something wasn't right.

"Red" and I have been friends since we were 17, and there's one thing I know about her...she doesn't call at night. Girlfriend works long, hard hours and loves curling up with her man in the evenings. 

And in a word, she cherishes her weekends.

I had no doubt that I was the last thing on her mind on a Friday night. So, although I would have normally waited to call her back the following day, I knew in my heart that whatever she needed to talk with me about couldn't wait that long.

Yet what she had to tell me when I called her back was something  that I wasn't prepared to hear.

My heart certainly wasn't prepared.

I guess the truth is that we're never prepared for these calls.

She told me that her little sister's husband had died suddenly of a massive heart attack just a few hours before. They and their son had gone to Gatlinburg to enjoy the Christmas parade together as a family, and it was there that it happened.

"Red" and her husband, son and other sister were on the way to Gatlinburg at that very moment. 

Man, here come the tears again. It's still very fresh, and my heart still aches.

As you can imagine, the next several days were littered with bouts of weeping and a broken heart for my friend and for her sweet sister ...and for her precious little boy.

Her little boy who said in his innocence,
"Today was the best day I've ever had with my Daddy!
 We had so much fun together!" 

I just kept thinking, "We're all preparing to celebrate Christmas, and she and her 4 year old son are burying Daddy."

When I'm hurting like that, I just shut down. I wanted so to pop on here and write, but I was crippled. 

The visitation was Monday night. 
My favorite part about that time was that they let her little boy wear whatever he wanted to, and he chose a Superman t-shirt.

You know, the one that has a big "S" in the middle of it?

It was perfect...he brought smiles to so many of us who were in anguish. Seeing his little head pop around the corner with that big red "S" on his chest sent a message to many of us that he truly is in the hands of our Superhero and that despite how grim things looked, he was going to be lovingly protected and cared for.

I can't help but think that in a few years he may well be a superhero to his Mommy as well. 

My children sure have been ones to me these past few years. Kids rise to the challenges presented in their lives. I'm learning that as I watch my own grow through having a Mommy who has had health problems.

Tuesday was the funeral.
What an amazingly beautiful, God glorifying funeral it was!

Then that night, my body went into rebellion.

I was hit with the worst cold that I've had in years and I think that due to the physical stress my body had already been in, combined with the emotional heartache, things were just compounded.

Then Shane got sick.

Then Brennan got sick.

I'm hoping not, but it seems that now Caedmon may be getting sick. (Please Lord, keep him well.)

In the midst of all of that, 2 days ago I started having some pretty concerning gastro type things that landed me back at my new BFF's friendly doctor's office. I was doubled over in pain for 24 hours before I finally broke down and went, and when I did he gave me the happy news that I get to have a colonoscopy.

I was so elated! I really couldn't believe it. A colonoscopy was on my Christmas list, but never in a million years did I think I'd really get one!

I know, I know. Lucky me.

So, what to do with our study right now?

I'm going to do what I can, as I'm able to, and apologize profusely that I haven't been able to do what I wanted to, when I wanted to.

How about if  we just agree that the main goal is for us to stay in the Word... to keep Him the focus of our hearts and minds this month?
(And always.)


How are you, my friends?

How can I be praying for you right now?

Are you still working in the book?

If so, where are you in it?

Have you put it on hold until you could hear from me?

Will you update me?

Am I forgiven?

I'm going back to bed. I woke up at 4 am after just 4 hours of sleep, so it's time to get some more shut eye. If I can. My belly sounds like a pot of boiling soup...kinda hard to sleep through that. 

Sending much love your way this morning,

Friday, December 03, 2010

A Desperate Cry for Help!

I really, really need help with uploading videos into YouTube!

I've shot some from my phone and from Lisa's webcam, and the only one I've been able to post is that little short of Lisa on the train. (She loved being the star of the blog, didn't you girl?!)


I have several training style videos that I've recorded, but try as I may I cannot get them to post.

If you're a techno-whiz, or know someone who is would you please, please help me?

Many thanks!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

New "Rules" for Our Online Blog Bible Study

1. No guilt.

2. Forget the previously listed timeline. Here's the coolest thing that I'm realizing that Leta Lou made me see about this study...if we all just work through it as we can during this busy season, we'll remain in the Word during the rush of Christmas! Yay!

And, if we will just faithfully post as we learn, then we'll continue the "discussion."

I'm rethinking how to make the comment posting as easy as possible...both on you and on me, and I think maybe the most seamless way to do this is for me to write a little bit about each day of the study...and then post application questions by the day of the study, according to the book.

That way those who haven't started yet won't feel behind, and if you or I miss a day in the craziness of all that we as wives and mothers are doing during our celebrations of our Lord this month, it will be easy just to jump in where we left off.

Also, it will allow Dawn and me to start fresh with our kiddos and keep on task. :-)   (I got your back, girlfriend!)

Today is Dec. 2nd. This is a 28 day study. If I end up not posting on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we'll should still be able to complete our study by the end of the month, Lord willing.

But if not....there will be grace.

Aaaah. Don't you just want to thank God afresh for grace every time you hear the word?!

Thank You, Lord...for grace!

Here's the other cool thing I realized Leta made me see...this blog study will be timeless!

A year from now someone could pop on here and go day by day through it "with us." How wonderful is that?!

I'm so thankful to have such a bright mind brilliant 
(and long-suffering) friends! I love you, Leta Lou! I'm off now to get prettied up for my beloved before he gets home, and to do day one with my kiddos!

I love you all,

Copied Comments for Our First Week of Study & Our Discussion

Hi Ladies,

I'm copying the comments that have been left for our study group thus far, as I'm not sure if you all are reading the comments or not. From this point forward, please do. I won't be posting them like this every time, as it takes a loooooooooooooooooong time to do so. 

There is one question below that is underlined. It's from Leta. This is a question I'd like you all to weigh in on. What do you see from the Word? Please support your answers with Scripture references.

Chaundra...thank you so much for being so transparent. I'm praying for you, sweetie! I think you should come to Chattanooga this weekend and go to our ladies Christmas event with me, and spend Friday night here.

Whaddya think? Also...are any of your other friends, other than Rachel, joining us?

Leta Lou...I love you! Thanks for loving me like only a true friend can. 

Dawn, Rachel, Deb...where are you all in the study?

Love y'all!

 chaundra Anderson said...
I am so enjoying the first few days. Today i am seeing how the Word MUST concern us. We need to have a tender heart towards His Word. But first we need to HEAR His Word. Love it Jes! So interesting to me that the Word was lost in the House of the Lord. Moving around I've seen some churches that were in the same boat! I'm so grateful to be a part of a body that is feeding me right now. I pray that our love for His Word would deepen through this study. And by the power of His Holy Spirit

Jes: Amen, sister!

chaundra Anderson said...
I love the study so far. I was deeply moved when she asked what made us want to do the study. I just want to KNOW God. I want intimacy and authenticity. I want His Word to cleanse, renew, and heal me. Thanks so much for facilitating this Jes. 

Jes: Chaundra, it's my joy to do this! Learning what my spiritual gift is was such an awesome treat from the Lord! Now I just want to employ it to His glory, for the women of the body of Christ. :) 

YOU encourage me and make me want to do the best job possible! Thank you for that!

 Leta lou said...

I finally have my computer and Bible study together to make a comment or two but first I must thank you sweet friend for encouraging us all to embark on this study – it’s a different way of doing it but I like the fact that I’m a little more independent – not relying on someone else to tell me the answer in a group setting. Thank you for following God’s leading in this new approach.

Jes: When I finally realized that it's not my job as a leader to tell students the answers, but rather to teach them how to dig them out for themselves, it was a defining moment for me.

There will no doubt be times where I'll break out into some teaching during this study, but my deepest heart desire is that you all will learn to become independent...just as you said. :)

And as far as leading the study...I just wanted to finally be in one with you, 
Leta Lou! ;)  I love you so!

So here’s the comments I have after the first week – I was trucking along – digging into knowing Josiah. I like how Kay took us straight to the scripture before teaching us the “how to” – it just came so easily! At one point I wrote a “thank you God for those un-named heroes that guided this child! In His way – and then I turned the page and read about Zephaniah! God you are always amazing!

Jes: How cool that you had that thought! I love that!

But then I hit a bump! – page 36 – she asks when was this wrath, this evil going to come – and then frustrates me more by saying this is important! All I could glean was that the responses God gave were present tense – “My wrath burns against this place” Is that what she’s asking – if so what exactly makes that particularly important?

Jes: Before I weigh in, please see Chaundra's answer below. Do any of the rest of you have a thought on Leta's question?

And then I have another comment re the first week’s study – verse 19 – because Josiah did all these things – God says He “truly” heard Josiah. He truly heard him??? - - - vs sorta hearing him??? Does that mean there are degrees of Him hearing us – I know in my heart that is not true – but it bothers me – that little word “truly”. Why is it there?? How does the word “truly”, truly translate?

Jes: Aha! Good question. Did you look at it in the King James? That's the first place I always go. I love having the King James Version either on my phone or in my lap when I'm studying. Seeing it in the KJV often brings such clarity.

If I find that the words are the same, I know it's time to do a word study.

Have you done that yet?

If so, would you please share with us what you found?

And lastly – re our timing - It doesn't matter at all to me re extending the time line - whatever works best for you. I don’t want you to overburden yourself – you couldn’t possibly have anticipated all that’s going on for you right now, when you chose these dates.
I’m sure I speak for all that grace abounds for you as you recover from this Major Major life changing procedure! Thank you for keeping us in the loop – it helps us all to know how to specifically pray for you.

Jes: Thank you so much sweetie! I think it's going to work out for everyone now. 

Just waiting to hear from Dawn, Deb and Rachel to see if they have their books and are ready to roll now. 

Love you sweet friend!

Jes: Love you more! :)

chaundra Anderson said...

Hi Leta Lou, I'm Chaundra! I wanted to share with you what i thought about the question of when the wrath would happen, and I thought it was, not in Josiah's lifetime. Maybe the timing was important to notice, because the Lord kept Josiah from experiencing it??

I love the study for bringing to my attention the importance of God's Word. I love breaking the scripture down. Not to fill my brain with facts, but to know God better. I love how she uses God's Word to interpret and explain God's Word. I'm glad there isn't a lot of "fluff" like you find in other women's bible studies. This is my first Kay Arthur study ever.

Jes: I'm so glad that you pointed that out! That's what you can always expect from a Precept study...all of the authors will point you to the truth that Scripture interprets Scripture.

 It's so, so fun when you really get a grasp on how this works because when you're stumped by something you read in the Word, you can just go before the Lord and tell Him you know that His Word will interpret Itself, but that you need His Spirit to give you understanding.

He is so faithful, and I think He must rejoice in watching us when He answers those prayers and we have our "ah-ha" moments! :)
I am hoping my book gets here soon. I ordered some other curriculum and got it two days ago. :(

Love you!

Jes: I love you too, you sweet thing! And I'm SO loving seeing you so excited about the Word!

chaundra Anderson said...

hi everyone, i am so excited about these questions, as they are SO applicable to a journey that i have recently taken, in finding a church to attend. actually we had to do that twice in the last year, because we moved to two different states. in my search i have been SHoCKED by the "seeker friendliness" and the "flashy hooks to keep 'em coming" of some churches. i have been saddened to be unable to hear a pastor actally feeding and nourishing the body. i have been confused by labels, doctrine, and denominations. but in all of this God was so faithful.

Jes: We lived the same journey in AZ. I know what you mean...and then to move to the South where one can so easily be categorized by their denomination! When I went to the hospital a few days ago for my first sonogram of my legs, I had to fill in an area about where I go to church. I guess I didn't have to, but I chose to after they explained that by filling that out, my friends from church could find me if I was in the hospital and they wanted to visit me.
However, the blank above had asked for my religion, and I had written, "Sold out follower of Jesus Christ."
When I went back to the hospital for sonogram #2 a few days later and had to proof my information sheet, where it said "religion" they had typed in "Baptist."
I explained to them that I'm not a Baptist, although I do go to a Baptist church. I said I am a Christ follower, and no matter what church I go to I will always be a Christ follower.
The lady was super sweet and said, "Well, we don't have that as an option. Should I just put Christian?"
"Yes," I said. "That will be fine."
Although inside I was thinking that the word Christian has lost it's meaning in our society, which is why I wanted Christ follower in the first place. 

i am now absolutely in love with the church we are at. an hour of sunday school with verse by verse teaching, shared prayer requests, sharing of meals (once a month), and in depth discussion. the children experiencing much the same thing in their classes.
Jes: What an awesome blessing! I'm so happy for you! 
an hour and a half of worship, sweet worship... but nothing really flashy. our children starting at age five sit with us in church. and they are learning and growing in ways that i would have NEVER given them credit for. i was terrified of this, because i was raised mormon, and i hated church because it was long and boring. i would actually hide in the bathroom for as long as i could. but they aren't bored... well, not the whole time! lol.
Jes: I didn't know you were raised Mormon. I'd really like to talk with you about that some time. Isn't is wonderful to see our kids growing in Christ through His Word?! I love having my kids in service with me...I wouldn't change it for the world!

the Word is anything but watered down, and the grace of God is always the last word of every sermon. The good news of Jesus.

For the first time in my life i am ready and willing to commit myself wholly to this body. to stop "dating the church" as they say, and become a "member". it's all been amazing.

at home we are doing a study together called "Big Truths for Young Hearts" and i love love love it! even shade, (my second oldest daughter) is getting a ton out of it. and she has a tendency to daydream. and what is even more exciting is she says stuff like "oh yeah, we talked about that in church, it's callled the trinity." oh... i am feeling so blessed.

but now for the not so great news. lol. the ways that i could respond to God's word like Josiah did... tearing down my false idols, and desiring to obey every word... would be to completely change in my marriage. i am the chiefest of all sinners friends. i sin in my pride, my need for control, my fears of trust. i feel literally physically bound by my sins. i feel a prisoner. i feel tormented. i am not passing on the responsibilty... but boy... am i feeliing helpless and sometimes even hopeless. yesterday was a bad one. i even forgot to or purposely neglected to cry out to God. to turn my thoughts toward Jesus. friends, please pray for me.

i look so forward to hearing your responses. i am glade we are "behind" my book didn't arrive until a few days ago, and i was scrambling to catch up, and i felt like i wasn't getting to really absorb the information.

i am lifting you up in prayer jes. i am so grateful for you facilitating this. thank you! and now that i have all your names, i will be lifting you all up as well. i am excited to take this journey with you! Soli Deo Gloria

Jes: Dearest Father, how we need You Lord...more and more and more of You. I know that we have all of You the moment that we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, yet our hearts yearn to know you more Lord.
We are seeing that this comes from knowing Your Word, and being taught by Your Spirit.
Father, won't you bind anything that keeps us from You? Our pride, our sin, our fears, our selfishness. Anything and everything, Lord.
Jesus we know that our roles as women are to be wives and mothers who are walking by Your Spirit...who are keeping our homes...who are honoring to our husbands.
It's tough, Lord. So tough sometimes. Our flesh wages war, Lord.
I hear Chaundra, loud and clear Lord Jesus.
You know that even tonight I was in a deep struggle. I battle Lord, with this deeply ingrained fear that I will either stick my nose in where it's not needed when it comes to how my husband parents our children, or that I'll keep quiet when I should speak up.
This struggle between dishonoring one or making the other feel that I don't care.
Thank you God that You made self control part of the fruit of the Spirit! Thank You that I can trust You...I can cry out to You...even when I want to lose it completely, I can take You at Your word and can value my husband and my marriage as the gifts from You that they are!
I lift my sister and her marriage up to You Lord. Please give her the courage to trust You, and to allow You to be glorified in her relationship with her beloved. the Greek it means to give a right estimate of...Lord, help us to give a correct estimation, a correct representation of Who You are..through our lives and through our marriages.
We love You Lord!
In Jesus' Name,
By the power of Your Indwelling Holy Spirit,
and to Your Glory we pray...