Monday, January 05, 2009

Romans 1 and Caedmon

Yesterday in church, our pastor was teaching on Romans 1, and our 8 year old son was in service with us. Half way through, he leaned over and wanted to ask me something and I shushed him…so instead he wrote his question down on his paper, to ask later.

As SOON as service was over, he popped out of his seat and showed me the question he’d written down…with much anticipation he asked/read his question…

“Am I a Bond-Servant?” (referencing Paul in verse one) 

"Am I, Mommy? Am I?"

When I told him that he was, because of his commitment to Jesus Christ through receiving salvation and entering into covenant with Christ, he JUMPED up and down with excitement!

Would I jump up and down at the opportunity to call myself a slave? A bond-slave, a servant? I mean, I might SAY it...but do I JUMP UP AND DOWN IN EXHULTATION OVER IT?"

Maybe this is what it means to have childlike faith.

It was wonderful…and gives me a visual to remember all of my life.

Oh, that my heart will always be that thrilled to be a slave to Christ!


chandy said...

Aren't these kids just too precious? I often feel like I learn more about God from them than I'm teaching to them. They are so humbling in their faith.

Janan Kash said...