Thursday, April 08, 2010

Update Time....

Hi Friends,

We have landed!!!

As I write this, I'm sitting the the lovely bay window in our new kitchen, with the reflection of a whole host of beautiful trees, glimmering in my computer screen. The trees are to my back. 

What I'm looking at is a pile of things that need to be put away and an open pantry door (this time it's ME who forgot to close it...I was chomping on some honey....mmmmm).

I'm feeling easily 75% better here. Praise Jesus for that!

The humidity really does make a difference!

My children are absolutely beside themselves with excitement over being here. Last night in her prayers, Brennan said, "and God....thank You for moving us to Tennessee! We love it here! We all love it!"

Currently, there are 5 kids upstairs playing their hearts out. Who thought I'd be able to handle that?! When they get wild, I will send them to the basement. Who knew that basements were so cool?!

Hey...there they go right now. :)

Oops...change the number, now there are 6. 

All boys, except for Brennan...she really holds her own.

I had a talk with the boys yesterday about how their role will always be to protect her, and that I expect that from each of them. I explained that they were to conduct themselves as gentlemen around her, and treat her as the sweet blessing that she is.

They got it.

The boys in this neighborhood are such kind and well mannered young men. Most of them come from Christian homes, and it shows in their behavior.

I love this!

The first day we were here, 4 of the boys came over to play and as they ran into the back yard and down to the creek, I heard Caedmon say, "C'mon guys...follow me, I'm the leader of the 5 Guy Gang!"

To which one of them immediately said, "You're not the leader! You're the new kid and you're younger than me! I'm the leader!"


Just what he needs. I could've hugged that boy's neck!

I'm going to try to upload a picture of my view out of my kitchen window for you...if it posts here you'll know I was successful.

If you don't see it, you'll know that I'm getting ready for my husband to come home. ;)

I love this house! It truly is my dream home. There are so many things about it that I love, that I can't even begin to list them all, but I'll share a few:

We have a dedicated music room. Caedmon was in there today playing the trumpet, and Brennan was on the piano. love it!

We have a laundry room. love it!

We can drink water straight from the tap. Wow! What a blessing that is! No more frantic midnight runs to the Circle K just to have water to drink the next day. love it!

The kids have a stream to play in, woods to explore, birds to watch, nature everywhere. 
love it!

We are only 15 minutes from Precept Ministries. love it!

My kitchen doesn't open to the family room anymore. I might be able to cook a dinner without burning it now! love it!

My bathtub is so big that the kids think it's more of a mini-swimming pool. love it!

We have plenty of room for guest to come and stay and they have their own bathroom, entrance and driveway. How cool is that for hosting people?! love it!

Much love to all of you tonight,


Anonymous said...

You forgot to tell them you are only an hour+ away from me!

Love you so much and so glad you're here! God is so faithful!


Kim Green said...

Sounds like this side of heaven. Praying that we move there. Praying for a job. In TN. Although I'm just sure I could be that close to Al Gore without gagging. Maybe my carbon footprint could smash his carbon footprint. Actually, his is so large it would smash mine. Your house sounds divine, the woods, the playing, the children. All divine.

Deb said...

Loved your post!! I am thrilled for you and praising God for His provision for your family. I just knew God would provide well for you.

Thank you Jes, for your prayers for the dear ones on the list I sent you.

Anonymous said...

Look I read your blog!!! haha :) Miss you and NO Kim cannot move there she has to stay here with us. ;) I have enjoyed her so much.

Well it sounds wonderful and most importantly, you are healthier. :) Love ya Candee Sue

Stephanie said...

Sounds fabulous! I can't wait to see photos of your new home and property. Even more, I can't wait to try out your guest quarters. ;) xoxo

Shelly said...

I can't wait to see it for myself next weekend! I am so happy for you and your family. And I can't wait to meet them all! Thank you for hosting us in your new home! Much love friend, Shelly <>< I was so glad to see a new blog entry YAY!!!

Renae said...

Oh Jes, God is SO abundant in His goodness, isn't He? Truly your cup of blessing is overflowing. I'm thrilled for your joy and you can picture me rejoicing with you!!

chandy said...

What an exciting new chapter! You just never know where He's going to lead you, huh?

I'd love to see some pictures!