Thursday, May 06, 2010

God's Wisdom

What I learned from the Word today was this:

The foolishness of God, and the weakness of God = the cross of Jesus Christ.

God's foolishness and God's weakness so far outweigh the wisdom and strength of man, that they are not even comparable.

Those who are perishing can never understand it through man's wisdom, and those who are being saved can only do so by the wisdom and grace of God, through Christ Jesus.

Jews asked for a sign, and Gentiles for wisdom, and God has given us both through the completed work of Jesus on the cross.

Thank You, Father. Thank You, Jesus.

I Corinthians 1


chandy said...

Can you explain this more? I'm not sure I understand. Isn't God's character the opposite of foolish and weak? How can he possess those attributes?

Jes said...


I've wanted to respond to your comment for days now. Please forgive my delay.

Rather than give you the answer outright, I'd like to challenge you to dig into I Corinthians 1 for a few days.

Look for contrasts as well as comparisons.

Ask the 5Ws and an H of this letter of Paul's to the Corinthian church.

Why was he writing to them?

How did he refer to them?

What is the theme of chapter 1?

Ask the Lord to WoW you! Beg Him to reveal Himself through His Word, as you take the time to sit at His feet.

I am still amazed by all that He is showing me just from this one chapter!

After you do this, will you let me know? Share in comment form, or in an email to me, what you've observed.

Then, I'll share more too.


Love to you and yours!