Friday, August 06, 2010

Can I Bribe You?

Can you be bought?


OK, so probably not, but can you be enticed by something of a gift? 

For anyone who chooses to take the challenge from my last post, and digs into those few scriptures and posts a comment answering some or all of the questions I posted, I'll put your name into a random drawing for a free book off of my bookshelf.

I'll choose one of the 40-minute studies that I love so much.

That B.J. Lawson can write! Lemme tell you! 
David Lawson's name is on them too, but he gives her all of the credit. 

Come on! I'm so eager to hear what you've gotten out of the passage.

I'm going to write my next post about my sweet Grandmother...look for that tomorrow.

Until then, I hope you'll enjoy the pictures of my sweet family that I just posted. 

Love ya'll tonight!

OKAY the rest of you...there's still plenty of time! We've got a GREAT "discussion" going here so far. I encourage you to take a minute and read the comments from the 2 ladies who have posted so far.

Now YOU tell us, what has the Lord shown you from this passage?
It's no fair feeling stupid...if that's all that's holding you back from posting, please.....let that go!
I wouldn't have a blog if I let that thought rule...because I have it often.

In a few more days I plan to share my heart about this passage...but I gotta have more than 2 comments before I do that.  :)

Who will be next?


Janan Kash said...

Jes, I have dug into those scriptures twice and have every intention of writing - but I have company this weekend and have not yet had time to sit down and collect my thoughts. Do I get to name which book I want?

Jes said...

We had a wonderful time at the farm! Thank you! It was so restful that none of us wanted to leave.

And yes, the winner can choose the one they want.

Love you!

Woman in the Tent said...

Hey Jes,

I wrote down lot sof details. Too many to list here. Once I got past the details and looked at the big picture, starting with 13:1 for context, here's what spoke to me:

1. The people (God's people) were allowing someone else to sharpen their digging tools (what provides nourishment) and they were without swords (pic of the Word-necessary offensive weapon for battle); therefore, on the day of battle they were unprepared and fearful. As a note: the people they were allowing to sharpen their digging tools ended up being the enemy. We shouldn't depend on others to sharpen our tools. But, we do need some blacksmiths to give sharpening lessons.

2. Jonathan and his armor bearer were prepared for battle. They had their swords and armour. They didn't wait for the battle to come to them. They went out and met it head-on, in faith. In fact, they had to climb a mountain, of-sorts, to get there. They were outnumbered 10 to 1. Their focus was not on the number but what God could do. (Meanwhile, Saul kept counting everybody). It only takes a couple of fatihful people to rally an entire nation against evil.

My title?? Sharpen your digging tools, prepare your sword, and follow the LORD into battle.

Am anxious to hear what you got out of it. Now, going to see what Weirsbe says...

Janan Kash said...

I have to say that the first time I read through these verses, I found myself looking for what God had shown you - not necessarily what He wanted to show me. After I settled into the fact that my insight could be completely different from yours, I opened my heart to listen.

Main Characters -- King Saul, his son Jonathan, Jonathan's (very) loyal armor-bearer, the Israelite army and the Philistine army (bullies). The very main character, however, was the LORD.

Objective -- There was a "cause" - those Phillistines had to be defeated - they were even starting to irritate me - there was a "champion" - someone had to finish these guys, and Jonathan was God's choice (with the help of his faithful armor-bearer) - and there was "confidence" - for both Jonathan and his armor-bearer - confidence that the LORD would come before and behind as He had so many times before.

What Was At Stake -- They were losing not only the faith of the people, they were losing the people! Saul and his army were paying so much attention to the oppressive tactics of the Philistines, they had forgotten the delivering power of their LORD! Well, not everyone forgot.

What Part Was Hard For Me - I wasn't sure about the priest and the comment by Saul to "withdraw your hand." I am thinking he was inquiring of the Lord what they should do, but I think God had already shown them!

Things The LORD Laid On My Heart -- I had quite a few things I found very interesting - they don't all relate to each other - just things.

1) There was significance in the weapons, or shall I say no weapons. I wondered why the Philistines had all the technology, but then thought how winning a war with no spears and swords is the perfect setup for giving God the glory! The swords and spears that the Philistine's hoarded for themselves, in fact, belonged this day to the Israelites, even though they were in the hands of the Philistines.

2) When I thought about Jonathan going off on his own without telling his father, I felt like God had just put that spark in his heart - you know that thing that God does when He leads us quietly away from everything and everyone else to privately show us something - something that only we would get because we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear?

3) "Do all that you have in mind," his armor-bearer said. "Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul." Wow! This man not only bore Jonathan's armor, but also his heart and soul. One more observation of God's faithfulness!

4) I thought it was interesting that God's sign to them was to "come up" versus "waiting." I think Jonathan's secret moving away from Saul and the army was in obedience to God's command that set the conquer into motion - a moving-forward - "coming up" naturally followed.

5) I loved the panic that God sent - a panic sent by God! Yes, the ground shook - and the people shook too!

6) God not only saves, He restores. Those Hebrews who had previously been with the Philistines and had gone up with them to their camp, along with those who had hidden in the hill country of Ephraim, heard that the Philistines were on the run and they rejoined forces with Saul and Jonathan in hot pursuit!

7) When the Israelites were oppressed by the Egyptians, it was on the enemy's turf - but the LORD delivered them! And when the Israelites were oppressed by the Philistines, it was on their own turf - and the LORD delivered them still! The LORD delivers from the enemy no matter where we are. We can trust Him.

My Title Chapter -- THE LORD STILL SAVES! II Chronicles 16:8b-9 says, "Yet when you relied on the LORD, he delivered them into your hand. For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him."

I can hardly wait to hear what the LORD showed you Jesica! Thank you for this challenge - I loved it!


Janan Kash said...

So -- we want to hear what God taught YOU from these texts. Do tell!