Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Planned Parenthood Exposed - Again, This Time Exposing Sex Traffickers

What is it that we call it in this country... a women's health issue?

Did you know that abortions are tax deductible? I kid you not...look on the site.


Laura said...

All this Planned Parenthood news is getting to me. Jes, you know I pray over this issue daily, seeing it finally hit the news like this... it's very depressing.

I have several questions for America that I want answered:

Why this sudden outrage over Planned Parenthood's role in covering up sex trafficking of under age girls?

For years there has been evidence that Planned Parenthood provides abortions to underage girls who were victims of incest. Nothing was done then, why did it take video coverage to get a reaction from the media?

Every time a claim of providing abortions for under age girls was made, Planned Parenthood hid behind the claim "it was an isolated incident at one clinic". Is their claim they will "retrain" employees because there are too many tapes from several different clinics for them to deny this is common practice?

Planned Parenthood is a government run business whose goal is to make money just like all other government funded businesses. Any government business that doesn't turn a profit gets cut from the budget so why do you think they're still around?

Little Momma said...

jes- i can't even think about planned parenthood without my blood boiling. do you know that PP is usually the number 1 and only recommended resource for sex ed. by public schools? have you visited their teen ed site, It is more than is sickening and we pay for it. most people who support PP don't even know about that site...I wonder if they'd support it if they did.