Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Praying About Whether or Not to Start Writing Again...

Would you please be in prayer for me too?

I'm back to the point where I seem to be writing blog entries in my head almost every single day.

I'll be honest with you, the reason I quit is because I couldn't handle the stress and emotional heartache that came with having to deal with a certain person who was sending me unkind comments anonymously.

However, because of tools like StatCounter, the person wasn't anonymous at all. 

The words were just so hateful, and stirred up so much pain, that I felt I should walk away.

Yet I can't help but wonder if she was just being used as a tool of the evil one?

Really, there's no wondering to it. I know that she was.

I miss writing. I truly do.

I miss sharing all that the Lord is teaching me through His Word.

I miss you all.

Perhaps you're not even "there" anymore, anyway.

I'm learning so much these days. It's awesome!

If you are "there," will you pray for me to know God's will for me regarding writing here?

Much love,


Stephanie said...

I'm here! And I will pray that the Lord will direct your path regarding this blog. I selfishly hope He says, "Yes, write on!"

Paula Hemann said...

Dear Jes,
For "some reason!" I kept your blog link on my favorites bar, even after you announced that you would no longer be blogging. Today I just "happened" to check the link, and there you were! Please, do pray--and we'll pray with you--and do consider writing again. We miss you!

I am sorry that you've encountered such hurtful comments. Jesus knows just how that feels, and I know that He will equip and encourage you to press on, if this is truly what He is calling you to do.

You are loved and prayed for,

Duckfan said...

I found your name on Montel. My husband has MS and is waiting for his CCSVI appt. We're hopeful and praying. Don't give up on your blog. Jesus said we would be hated for his namesake (Mt 10:22-23so rejoice when someone says hurtful things. They're just reacting to your spirit. Our battle is not flesh and blood but powers and prinicpalities (Eph 6:1). Hang in there!

val said...

I found your blog just today and I thin that you should not stop writing!
There are always some sick people who do not have anything else to do than making other's life hard...
you should report this person and block her IP. Such things have to be stopped!

I know many people who had CCSVI performed and I do believe in it, though I know that it does not help all.

I believe that it is just a start and that taking care of proper rehabilitation can be the key in many cases. Do you do rehabilitation on a daily basis?

Diane said...

I came to your blog from the Precept Leaders' Yahoo forum. I used to check your blog regularly and was sad when you quit writing. Today, "for some reason," I thought to check it again! I was delighted to see that you may be back to blogging.

Your writing is an encouragement. I'm also wondering how things are going with the MS since your treatment.

In Christ,
Diane Paton

RenaeSal said...

It was wonderful to hear your voice on the phone the other evening, and I'm eager to once again "hear" your voice here with blogging again too. I hope you get His go-ahead to start blogging here again, but if that doesn't happen, then I hope He'll guide you to another another avenue for using what is DEFINITELY your gift for your writing/encouraging others!

Niles said...

Keep blogging. The Lord has given you a gift. Use it to his glory. If the Lord is for you, what can man do against you? Follow the example of the Lord who suffered ridicule and scorn.

SharonB said...

Hello my friend. Today I am sitting here with ice on my back trying to get caught up on some blog reading and. I decided to check you out "just to see" if you were writing again!

What a beautiful surprise! I have so missed you and hearing all God is doing in and through you. I just love your heart for God, His word, and people.

Jes you are truly a beautiful woman of God and you have so much to offer those who come here. God will direct your path , dear one. I love you!