Monday, May 07, 2012

Through the New Testament in 90 Days...Give or Take

I'm beginning my second read through the New Testament, and I'd love for you to join me.

The goal is simple...three chapters a day, 260 in total. That means we should be able to read through it in 90 days.

I started a 30 day plan through the New Testament last November, and realized very quickly that I simply couldn't digest THAT much meat in 30 days!

I'm not interested in shoving in the Holy Word of God...I want to revel in it, soak in it, enjoy it...have time to mull through what I'm reading.

So, in short order I decided just to take it at my own pace...and that turned out to be 6 months.

This time through I'm hoping to read it in 3...but I want you to know that if it takes me 6...or if it takes you 9, it simply doesn't matter.

What DOES matter is that we are going to be disciplining ourselves to be head down in the very Words of our God...and that as a result, our walks with Him are going to GROW and DEEPEN, and our lives will never be the same as a result of having met with Him through His Word on a regular (goal is daily) basis.

I'll be blogging about what I'm learning this time through, and I would be SO, so excited if you'd post some of your observations as well.

Please know a few things going into this...

1. There will be so many days/nights that you won't FEEL like doing it. Those will be the very times that God will have something so RICH for pick up your Bible, pray for the Holy Spirit to teach you, and DO IT ANYWAY!

2. The same will happen to please pray for me as well.

3. Please, if you're committing to do this with me, post a comment below so that I will know to be praying for you as well.

I can't wait to hear from you through our journey together.

It will never be too late to if you read this post and find that I'm already in Jude, just jump in at the beginning and post your comments and observations. I'll read every one, and as I do, I know that I'll be encouraged afresh and excited anew!

Much love to you tonight,

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Ruth Simmons said...

I will be attempting to join you!