Friday, May 23, 2014

Babes of the Broken, What GIFTS!

What I learned from the Word Today (which was long ago written on my heart)...

All of those precepts that God writes on our hearts as we study His Word, at some point He will allow us to learn experientially because He will have us walk through them.

And He doesn't waste ONE BIT of our pain and suffering when our sole focus is on Him being glorified in and through us.

Total surrender requires us to go so much deeper than we ever thought it did.

Last night, I was so brokenhearted. There are not words to express to you how broken I was.

In 15 years of marriage, through countless fires of hell, my husband has not ever seen me that broken.

I was weeping so hard that I couldn't catch my breath.

My precious children heard me and came running to me.

As I laid down on our guest bed in a pool of tears, my almost a man, one a tender hearted young woman now, laid down on either side of me and PRAYED THE WORD over me!

One laid on my right side, cuddled up as close as she could be. The other on my left, lovingly rubbing my arm as he prayed.

My son, I truly believe, has the spiritual gift of discernment...and to be bathed in the words of his prayer as he NAILED EVERY SINGLE THING that I'm battling right now, literally left me dumbfounded.

And my sweet precious, tender-hearted daughter...oh, how her loving words to our Father soothed the deep aches in my heart and helped me find my breath again.

All that TRUTH that God has used me to pour into them since they were wee little ones (you can go back to 2006 or so on this blog to read about our times together in the Word when they were young), came pouring back out as the Holy Spirit ministered to me through my children.


Then they went to their beds and I stayed awake with the Word, and God brought me to an even deeper place of surrender.

It likely won't make sense to many of you...but that doesn't change the truth.

He showed me through His Word that I have to put EVERYTHING and EVERYONE on the altar before Him.

Every gift in my life is from HIM...they cannot become idols to me.

None of them!

So up they went on the altar in prayer...

My children.
My husband.
My reputation.
My friends.
My acting.
My training students.
My everything.

All I could do was pray through my tears, "LORD, it's all yours. Whatever You choose to do, just please, please, please don't let me doubt you. Don't let my faith fail. Don't let me dishonor You. Just be glorified in me, please Father...however that may come...just let me be found faithful to You. Jesus!"

And today, I awoke to new mercies.

And more of His truth.

Young moms, I beg you...pour the Word into your children. Don't let your wants or your desires for anything of this world become more important than pouring the WORD into your children.

Proverbs 31:27-28
"She looks well to the ways of her household,
  And does not eat the bread of idleness.
  Her children rise up and bless her;
  Her husband also, and he praises her, saying:
  "Many daughters have done nobly,
    But you excel them all."

Let those words be your charge, Mommas.

Start today. Start now.

Just trust God and start!

Let your life count, as you allow HIS LIFE to shine through you.

In Him Who NEVER changes,

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