Friday, June 06, 2014

Please Don't Try To Emasculate My Men...And Ladies, Don't Allow Women to Do It To Yours!

It happens daily.

The emasculation of American men by women.

Some women do it to their own men.

Some are brazen enough to try it with men who belong to other women.

I'm going to climb up on my soap box for a minute. It won't be long, but I do hope it will get the point across.

I am (gleefully!) a woman under submission

I am crazy, madly in love with my husband. I consider the privilege of submitting to him as my leader one of God's greatest gifts in my life.

Submission in the Greek is a military term which simply means to place oneself under one's rightful authority.

Is my husband my authority?

You can BET YOUR BIPPY he is! 

Scripture tells me that when I submit to him, I'm doing it as unto the Lord Himself.

Here's where the real beauty comes in, husband loves me in a way that I truly never knew ANYONE ever could, or would love me.

He loves me to a degree that I never dreamt I would be worthy of.

He serves me in love. 
He speaks to me in love. 
He considers me in love.

He treats me as the weaker vessel, in love.

He is also AMAZING at helping me set healthy boundaries for myself, and sometimes he just SETS THEM FOR ME!

So when my husband sets a boundary for me, his wife...within his rightful role as the head of his household and another woman tries to blow right through it...we have an issue.


And if your husband sets a boundary for you and another woman completely dismisses it, you should see that as a big issue too...and defer always to your husband's leadership.

When my husband, who leads an entire office of brilliant men and one very amazing woman, is treated by any other woman within MY sphere of contacts like he needs to bow and beg their permission...we have on our hands a MAJOR PROBLEM!

Ladies, please...hear my heart. 

DO NOT stand for another woman handing your husband his manhood on their clipboard!

If you find yourself in a group where the men have been relegated to floor sweeps and are not welcomed as respected contributing members, run for the door!

That is not a group that is set up according to Biblical principles. 


And unfortunately this mindset can be rampant in the homeschooling world.

Before I step down from my soap box, I have to add one more thing.

We emasculate our YOUNG men in this country every single time that we treat a teenager like he's a boy and not a young man.

Our son will be 14 soon. He's not a boy anymore. He's a man!

If we were Israelis, he'd be just 2 years away from being conscripted into the army.

By the time he was a teenager, Brother Andrew was sneaking around his town filling Nazi gas tanks with sugar in order to protect his village from their impending infiltration.

Benjamin Franklin was an apprentice learning a trade by the time he was 12.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was being trained by his father to not just rattle his lips at the dinner table, but to fully develop his thoughts before he allowed them to escape his mouth. Is it any wonder that            at age 28 he was equipped to break away from the Reich Church to start the Confessing Church in Germany and parts of Europe?! 

And he did so against the advice of several of his mentors, because he could discern the situation of the day and KNEW what action was needed.

He knew that any church that denied the Jewish people, ceased to be a church.

Praise GOD that his father hadn't waited until he was 20 to train him to be, and treat him as a man!

I'm SICK of the mentality in our country that believes that our 13 year old sons are still children.

They're NOT!

Or at least, they're not supposed to be.

Did you know that Daniel was 15 when he was taken into captivity in Babylon? Remember him...he stood for truth and righteousness among pagans...and I've heard the silly argument that says he was schooled in all the ways of the Babylonians, therefore he was mature and wise.

That's garbage!

He had FIFTEEN YEARS of training in the Law of the LORD!

And Daniel 1:17 makes it clear that God gave Daniel and his three friends "...knowledge and intelligence in every branch of literature and wisdom..."

Daniel 1:4 has a time reference that is key. It lets us know that these young men showed intelligence in every branch of wisdom, were endowed with understanding and discerning of knowledge, and had ability for serving in the king's court...AND THEN they were taught the literature and language of the Chaldeans.

See, their training in truth and wisdom came from God's Word, which they'd had poured into them for 15 years! It DID NOT come from the Babylonians!

Job 28:28 tells us that God Himself said "...the fear of the LORD is widsom, and to depart from evil is understanding."

It was God's WORD that grew Daniel into the MAN that he was at 15! 

Do I want my son to have fun and enjoy the next years while he's still under our roof?

Without a doubt, I do!

But I'll tell you this...our amazing young man would lay his life down in a hot minute for me or his sister. He wouldn't come running up to me in fear, hiding behind me trying to figure out what to do if danger threatened.

He would do what a MAN would do!
He would defend! 
He would fight to protect us! 

And when the lies of the world come hurling at him, he stands for TRUTH!

He's not afraid to call sin, sin.

He is compassionate, and gracious, but he is very black and white about what is Godly and was is not, and I love that about him. 

Is he perfect?

No. He comes from two very imperfect parents, so I suppose imperfection is in his genes.

Is he manly? 


Is he still learning?

No doubt.

Does he make his Momma and Dad so very proud to call him ours?

With all of our hearts.

We dearly love our young MAN!

Ladies, I pray this post will be a beacon call to all of us.

NO woman should ever have the right to emasculate our husbands or our sons. None!

And we better make sure we don't ever do it ourselves.

Let's let our speech and actions toward our husbands be edifying, encouraging, respectful, appreciative, and God honoring.

Come to think of it, let's apply the same toward our young MEN.

Much love to you tonight,

It seems like yesterday that Caedmon was the little baby on the he's 5'9" and solid muscle!
Caedmon's Godly example, my beloved husband. 

Caedmon at TeenPact Tennessee in February.

I'm proud to say that he wrote a resolution in favor of Medical Marijuana, and it passed 8-5. 

OK, so in truth....I was pretty much in shock when he told me what his resolution was, but truly was impressed with the research he used and argued in front of an ultra conservative group...well enough so that his resolution was passed!

Now we just need to send him before the TN State Legislature to speak on the topic! :)

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