Wednesday, April 08, 2015

GUEST BLOGGER: My Daughter's Review of The Good Book Movie

What a treat it is to welcome my sweet daughter as a guest blogger today!

This is her review of The Good Book movie.

The Good Book is a very touching movie. Wanting to be a filmmaker myself, it showed me new ideas and new ways of how to produce a film.

I love how they incorporated the Bible and how they kept the sole focus on God.

For a silent film, The Good Book says a whole lot!

I love how they showed the different struggles that people can go through. 

My rating for The Good Book movie is a FIVE STAR! 

Spoiler Alert***

My favorite story line is when Ruth helps Sarah (the homeless woman) to find a job. In the Bible it says that when we help the weary and homeless, we will be helping Jesus. 

(Matthew 25:31-40)

What I learned overall is that everyone has bad days and everyone goes through hard times. If it is burning your house down, or losing your baby; being homeless, or being a martyr for Jesus Christ, God will always be with you no matter what.

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