Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just a little note, to make you smile...

Tonight our family went to a screening of the movie "The Nativity"...right after Jesus was born, Mary was holding Him, and we got to see a beautiful shot portraying Him as this precious little baby, with all of life ahead of Him.

Caedmon looks up at me, and as innocently as the child that he is, he says, "Mommy...did Jesus lose his front teeth too?"

(all the while, pointing to the empty spot in the front of his mouth, and to the 2nd tooth that is ready to fall out any day)

Isn't that just the BEST! I loved it!

Trust a child to bring a level of humanity to Christ that we learned adults too often skip over.

Fun, isn't picture Jesus as a young boy, with both of His front teeth missing?

Makes me want to be with Him all the more, ...just to hug Him and giggle with Him over the fun I had picturing that in my mind.

I think sometimes I forget His tenderness and vulnerability. I forget that He was fully man, all the while being full Diety.

It's easy to focus on the Diety part.

Tonight, though, I am touched by the sweet reminder that He was also fully man...and as such, that He was also fully baby, fully toddler, fully young boy.

All without sin.

Can you imagine...being the mother to a sinless Child?

How cool that must have been for Mary and Joseph!

Yet, laced with the knowledge of the truth of the Old Testament, they would have had to have known what His future would be...wouldn't they have?

That will be my study try to discover if Mary and Joseph knew all that was prophesied about Jesus, and what would come for Him.

OK..I HAVE to go to sleep now! What in the world am I doing up at this hour!! :)


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