Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm Bursting to Share This With You...

I know this blog is about sharing with you what I'm learning from God's Word...and some days I feel like my head is so full of all that He's teaching me that I can't possibly do it justice by trying to write it down without first having time to digest it...thus, the weeks without posts.

But...I gotta go off topic a bit tonight.

Shane and I have started watching American Idol, and are really hooked. OK, so I hate the name...REALLY hate the name...but that's beside the point.

It's interesting to me, because we didn't watch the first several seasons of that time I was a new believer, and my pendulum was WAAAAAY on the side of total separation from anything of the world.

God is gracious, though, and He used that time to prune me and mold me and purge the garbage from my life...and now I feel the freedom to do some things that at that time, would have been sin for me, but now are no longer.

So...enter American Idol. :)

I missed it last night ( can you say my hot hubby took me out on a hot date for Valentine's Day?!), so I went to the AI sight tonight to see who made the top 24.

Then, I decided to read their bios... I am DUMBFOUNDED by how many of them gave credit to Jesus, and still others who gave credit to God.

A few of the contestants have really stood out for me from the beginning, because of the total humility that they showed in their auditions.

One is Chris Sligh and the other is the sweet girl from TN who has been a backup singer for years. ( I'll get her name and post it, as I have drawn a blank...but she is PRECIOUS!)

Her name is Melinda Doolittle, and she says that her goal in life is to represent Christ well and to do everything 150%. YEAH! LOVE HER!

What really stood out to me as I read those bios is this...we need to pray for these young folk ( oooh...that made me sound oooooold!). We need to lace them up in prayer...that they will not compromise, that they will stay strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might, that they will fulfill their missions as ambassadors for Christ to the Hollywood community.

Would you please join me in this?

When you read the bios of Chris Sligh and'll see that they give each other credit, as well as Blake.

All of them were in the best ever group was a true ensemble and it brought down the house.

And, when asked who their American Idol was, they listed one another...such humility...such love. It ministered to my heart!

Pray for them...they are on the front lines with the youth of America.

Pray that souls are saved through their witnesses during this time.

Pray for their families whom they've had to leave behind to follow this dream.

Pray that God is Glorified in all they say and do.

Pray a hedge of protection around them.

Who knows...they may be there just for "such a time as this", as Mordecai said to Esther in the book of Esther...when she had to step up and follow God's plan for her to save the Jews.

It's no secret that Hollywood is "getting" that many of us have grown exhausted from the gunk that they put out for us to be "entertained" by.

They are trying to find things that they think will appeal to Christians...but done through people who don't know Christ, that's like a stripper trying to design clothing that would appeal to an Amish woman.

So...let's pray that the powers that be in Hollywood will be so drawn to this group of young Christians on American Idol, that lives and families will be surrendered en mass to follow Christ.

Pray and ask God to go before and behind hedge them in and keep them solid.

OOOH! It's really exciting stuff!

God never ceases to amaze me. I love Him so much and can't wait to be with Him one day soon!

Love you, LORD!!!!!

Love ya'll too!


The Trousered Ape said...

Go Chris! That guy can sing and it hilarious...I know that this is a bit premature, but without hearing everyone else in the top 24, Chris is my favorite so far.


D.L. White said...

Ditto - Go Chris and go Blake!
Glad you're enjoying the show, Jesica. And I agree with you - its exciting to see how many of them are believers. Several contestants last year were believers as well. It's all that singing in church that prepares them! ;)