Monday, February 12, 2007

I've been tagged...

Shawn has tagged me and given me the challenge to tell you 5 things about myself that most people don't know.

So here goes....

1. When I go to the theatre and see a really great movie, I always leave crying because I so passionately want to make great films and/or great theatre, and have wanted to do that all of my life.

2. I was invited to audition for the Julliard School when I was a senior in High School...the reason that it didn't happen isn't worth going into, but it was a huge honor to be invited.

3. Just after I gave my life to Jesus, when I was 29, the Lord tugged and tugged at my heart to pick up the phone and call my friend Paul and tell him what a hypocrite I had been for all the years that he had known me.

Paul was an athiest, yet it was clear that he wanted there to be a's just that many of his friends were like me...we talked Christianity and yet lived just like the world. We were believers that Jesus had died on the cross..yet, had not submitted our lives to His ownership. HUGE difference!

So, I kept feeling tugged by God, but didn't call Paul because I had just married Shane and all I could think was "it's not right to have male friends anymore".

Several weeks later, a mutual friend of Paul's and mine called to catch up with Shane and me. I asked him at that time how "Paulie" was, and the phone went dead.

I said, "I have just heard...just this week, of 2 friends who killed themselves...if you tell me that Paul killed himself, I'm hanging up the phone!"

All he could say was, "He did, Jes. He did."

Paul's suicide framed the rest of my life. I'll never again pause when I know that the Lord is calling me to share the good news of the love and forgiveness that Jesus offers us. Never!

My life today is focused on sharing the Gospel with the lost, and on teaching people how to study God's Word for themselves.

4. I studied acting with Dennis and Randy Quaid's acting coach, Cecil Pickett. He was brilliant.

5. Every night, without fail, I go into my childrens' bedrooms after they are fast asleep, and I lean over their sweet little cheeks, and I kiss them and tell them what blessings they are...and how much I love them. I want that to be the last thing that they hear every night. They are such amazing, precious kids!

Now I tag:


Laura said...

You can't tag me again, Shawn already did!

Jesica said...

I guess I gotta get more friends with blogs! :)

The Trousered Ape said...

you guys are funny.

laura - isn't there more things that we don't know? you can do it again.


D.L. White said...

Hi Jesica - thanks for sharing your five things! These little exercises always make for an interesting read. I've posted my 5 on my blog. ;)