Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A child who hits their parent....

Did you know that the Old Testament says that a child who hit their mother or father must surely be put to death?

Wow! God was SERIOUS about not transgressing His Covenant!

We had to deal with this yesterday with our child.

It wasn't really a hit, it was more of a head slam.

So, for you who say our kids are perfect ( you know who you are!), can't say that anymore! ;)

Shane found that verse in the Old Testament and shared it with our son and then was able to explain to him about God's mercy through Jesus Christ and that it's only because of Jesus' coming and fulfilling the Old Covenant that we are able to walk in grace before God.

But, that God's grace is not to be used as opportunity to walk in sin, thereby profaning His covenant.

It was a great study for Caedmon to learn, and today I have a new son. His heart was broken before had to come through his bottom, unfortunately for him.

But, he got it. And we were reminded once again how serious God is about His Word, and WHY he has precepts in place to help us govern our lives according to His righteousness and not our own.

(In my righteousness, I wanted to tear his head off! Good thing I have God's pattern to live by and not what is right in my own eyes.)

Aren't you glad we don't have to put our kids to death for doing something like that, anymore? The death for sin was paid once for all when the Messiah of Israel came and reconciled us all to God, and imparted His Righteousness to us, through His death. (Romans 6)

And, through His resurrection we have newness of life to walk in God's glory through Jesus! ( Romans 6 )

Thank you again, Lord Jesus! Thank you, Father!

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D.L. White said...

You may not have "perfect" kids - but you are raising them to know God and His saving grace. What a priceless gift!!!