Monday, March 26, 2007

So, I was wondering about Noah's Dad...

I was spending some time tonight in prayer, and I asked the Lord if there was an example in Scripture of a child who had chosen to separate from their parent(s) because the parents weren't walking in righteousness before the Lord.

And, in that time, Noah came to my mind.

So...I went digging.

I remembered that the Word said that God found Noah to be the only righteous among those alive at the time. ( my paraphrase here ... for exact wording, see Genesis 5 )

So it made me question....were Noah's parents alive at the time? Had they blown it before that why they weren't included on the ark?

This is what I found...Lamech, Noah's father, is mentioned in the genealogy for Noah...and when you do the math, you find that his father died 5 years before the flood.

Wow! I wonder what Noah's dad was saying to him all the while that he was building the ark. It would seem that Lamech was spared, since he died 5 years prior to the flood...but, I'd need to do a search on his name, and see if other Scriptures with his name show, before assuming that to be true.

I just found it interesting that Scripture says that Lamech had other sons and daughters, but it's only Noah...and his family, whom God spared.

Makes me wonder about Lamech...was he a man after God's heart...did he teach his children to follow the Lord, and then find that all but Noah would choose not to?

Or, did Lamech not do such a great job for any of them?

Lots more questions come up for me, out of this...that's just one more thing I love and appreciate about having learned to study the Word for myself...I know that I can find these answers out, by just spending some more time digging.

Isn't that awesome? To have a question for the Lord, and know that He will show us the answer as we turn to His Holy Word to find them.

Amazing that it's that simple, yet we have put our Bibles on a shelf, and only take them to church on Sunday ( and even that is a MAYBE, for many people ).

I remember that someone met Shane at a men's group shortly after we moved here and the guy said to Shane, "Oh, I recognize're the guy who always brings his Bible to church!".

How sad! How sad that taking one's Bible to CHURCH makes them stand out from the crowd!

Where is Your Bible? Why don't you open it up and ask God to show you something awesome today...then send me a comment and tell me what you learned.

I can't wait to hear from you!

In Him,


Laura said...

My new Parallel Bible came last week. I'm so excited! So, when you see me at Bible study and I have a brand new Bible I don't want you thinkin' I never read it!

Great thoughts about Noah. Thank you for sharing your curiosity with us, it's very inspiring!

Jesica said...

I'm going to be living that dumb comment down for a long time, aren't I?! ;)

D.L. White said...

Shame, that in our society we can buy Bibles freely, read them freely, carry them around freely - without fear of retribution. When in other countries, Bibles are scarce or illegal, and believers memorize passages, or pass torn out pages amongst themselves. What a freedom we take for granted.