Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Scripture Acting - Team #2

My little brown eyed girl and her best friend! :)

The verses they are doing are Proverbs 15:1-3...

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable, but the mouth of fools spouts folly.

The eyes of the LORD are in every place, watching the evil and the good."

There are so many good questions that you can ask your child regarding these of my favorites at this time of year deals with the Sovereignty of God and Santa Claus.

We don't do "Santa" in our home, but I do realize that we're in the minority...and attach no judgement to the decision of others..we were just led by God not to do "Santa", and followed His leading on it.

However, my kids still hear the song about Santa, when we're out that says that "He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake!"

The above verse, #3, is a perfect one to use to explain to children that Santa is not Sovereign..only God is, and that only God sees everything.

In addition, apart from the power of the Risen Lord, through the Holy Spirit, we can't "be good" no matter how hard we try..for true goodness is holiness, and we are only made Holy in the site of God through His Son, who imparted righteousness to us when we accepted Him as our Lord and Savior. #3 to hopefully come soon. :)

Have a great night!



Anonymous said...

How cute! Hi Jessica, this is Wendy from last year's Arizona meeting. Did'nt get to make it this year but sure wanted to. Your daughter is precious as are the others.

Jes said...


I wish I had a dollar for every time that I've thought of you!

Pam and I were talking at the event this year, saying how it just wasn't the same without YOU there!

You are such a breath of fresh air! She and I loved the blessing of being with you last year!

Are you going to the Leader weekend in Feb. in Chattanooga?

Thank you for the compliment on the girls. They are all so precious! Seriously, they make me smile from my toes up! :)

Much love to you, sweet sister!