Friday, February 15, 2008

Our Brothers and Sisters in Kenya

My friend Laura's husband grew up in Africa, as the son of missionaries. She has written a post on her blog about the current tragedies there.

Here's the address:

I encourage you to read her posts..there are 2 of them up.

We need to be in diligent prayer for our brothers and sisters around the world who are sacrificing, and are BEING sacrificed, in order to share the Gospel with the people of their countries.

I heard a letter read on Family Life Radio a few weeks ago, from a pastor in Kenya. He said that although the media makes it sound like their struggles are tribe related, the truth is that they all have to do with religious freedoms. He said that the Christians are being attacked in mass numbers.

When you pray, please also include Precept leaders in the Middle East. There are several who are wanted by the police...just for sharing the Word of God with others, and for teaching them how to study the Bible.

We have no idea how good we have it here!

The next time you see a military person, please stop and say "thank you" to them. If you are part of a Bible study, or if you ever study your Bible in public, be sure to thank our military personnel for the freedom that you have to do so.

And, thank God. The day may come when we will have the same challenges that our brothers and sisters in other countries do.

I wonder if we'll want prayer back in our schools when that day comes?!

In Him,

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