Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm in love with ITCHY-BOD Shane!

My poor baby! We think he has shingles. Uugh!

So I coined the name Itchy-Bod Shane for him.....I figure, we gotta find a way to have a little fun with this! (Think Ichabod Crane!)

Heck, beyond my better judgement, I'm even using University of Tennessee colors for my font today...if that's not love, coming from a TEXAN, I don't know what is!

If you would please pray for my pitiful patient, we would sure appreciate it. He hurts, and I can't get near him...we just keep running around him yelling, "Unclean! Unclean!" :) :) :) :)

As you can imagine, he's getting quite the hoot outta that! ;(

Not too spiritual tonight, is it?!

We're fried around here...sorry 'bout that.

Have a great day..hope you got a giggle out of our misery. ;)




Bryan L said...

Why can't you be around him? Have you never had chicken pox?

Did he get it diagnosed in time to get some medicine for it?

I had shingles and it sucked. Hopefully he didn't get it in a particularly noticeable place. And tell him not to scratch them. The first outbreak I got I didn't realize it was shingles and I really scratched the area a lot and now I have a big scar there.

I kept doing the unclean thing too! I felt like a leper! LOL


Bryan L

Jes said...

Hey Bryan..

Welcome! What a hoot that this is the post you chose to comment on! :)

He's at the Dr. right now. We have a friend who just had it and says that Apple Cider Vinegar is the best thing in the world for the he started with that last night and saw a big difference very quickly.

I'm just kidding about not being around him...we're just trying to have a little humor because it's such a drag.

It's on his chest, so we're thankful it's not on his face.

I've had the chicken pox, but our kids haven't, so I'm guessing they'll be getting it soon.

Have a great day, and come back anytime!

Laura said...

When my mom suspected she had shingles she went immediately to her physician and it was a blessing that she did because they were mostly on her head, in her mouth, her throat and in her eyes! Like, in the retinal area inside her eyeball. Eeeww!

I've never heard of anyone else having them in their eyes, but her Dr said they can be any and everywhere... Since my mom was seen by her Dr within a couple of days of the outbreak, she didn't have any long term damage to her eyes, Praise God!

It's best to have a physicians' diagnosis as soon as you even suspect you've got shingles and get on whatever is the best medication that's currently available.

Jes said...

It's confirmed!

What in the world did we do before we could self-diagnose (or wife-diagnose!) via the internet?!

He went to the Dr. and is on some anti-viral stuff, and smells like vinegar, but he's going to make it.

Poor guy. He's not one to ever complain, so if he does, I know he's feeling bad!

Thanks for praying!

astraughnomer said...

oh man, matt had shingles once and it was so terrible! i'll definitely be praying that he gets over it soon.

i hope your kiddos are spared the chicken pox!