Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh, My Sweet Little Brennan

I just gotta share...she's so sweet!

A few weeks ago during prayer time she prayed, "Jesus, thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Caedmon and Petey (the dog). Ummmm...and Jesus....thank you for You!"

Don't you LOVE that?! When is the last time you or I thanked God for Himself in our prayers?

Too sweet! No wonder Jesus talked about the faith of a child!

Two nights ago as I tucked her into bed, I was playing the "Ooh! I see some "sugar" on you, with my name on it!" So, I just started kissing her little cheeks and nose and forehead and neck, and she was giggling like crazy. She kept saying, " missed one..right here. You missed another one..right here."

Then, I said, "Oh, there's one! On the other side of your neck...I gotta get that one!"

"No Mommy. That one is for Jesus. I'm saving it for Him!" :)
Oooh! I could eat her up!

Then tonight as we were driving home from AWANA, she was telling me all about her class. She suddendly remembered, "Mommy! I got to hold the Sparky flag!"

She went on..."Mommy! God answered my prayer! The teacher was looking to see who he was going to pick to hold the flag, and I wanted him to pick me SOOOO bad, so I prayed. I was praying and praying and asking God, "Please! Let him pick me!"
So I asked, "Baby, did you raise your hand?"
"No Mommy. I just prayed. And God answered my prayer Mommy! The teacher peeked his head up and looked at my name tag and said, "Brennan!".

Those of you who know him will appreciate contrast, Caedmon said, "Mom, I was waving my hand as high and as hard as I could. I wanted to hold the Bible flag. Mommy, they didn't even pick me! I waved and waved, but I didn't get chosen."
Oh, how I could relate to him! I was always the kid almost screaming, "Pick ME! Pick ME!" and yet I wanted to be the one who sat silently and looked so cute that they HAD to pick me. Never happened..those who know me well will understand. :)
Goodnight all!


D.L. White said...

Cute stories! Your kids are so sweet! :)

janan said...

Jes, I am just now getting to my computer for the last 3 days! Caroline has been very sick and I've had the baby - oh my goodness - I had forgotten how much work a baby is!

I love these stories! I couldn't help but think of the donkey in Shrek who jumped up and down saying, "Pick ME! Pick ME!"

The coolest part of this story is the teacher. In the midst of all of those kids wanting to hold the flag, he listed to what God was saying.

When Ed and I first got saved and I worked at the church, I was in a staff meeting one day, and Pastor Scott was talking about some notes that he had written to some church members during the week. I remember sitting in that meeting listening to my pastor and praying that he would write a note of encouragement to my husband.
Ed was in such need of a touch from God - and I prayed that it would come through a note from our pastor.

Can I tell you how I felt when I saw a note in our personal mail that week to Ed from our pastor? I could hardly wait for him to get home from work so he could open it. Ed kept that note.

Years later, I was having a conversation with Scott. I told him about that incident, about how that day in the staff meeting when I prayed for him to write a note of encouragement to Ed - and that he did! He looked at me kind of amazed and said, "Next time you pray something like that, you need to be sure and tell me about it!"

Scott was listening that day too. Maybe you too can tell Brennan's teacher about that sometime.

They are so precious - keep the pics coming. I love that little shirt Brennan has on!


Jes said...

I love that story, Nan! Thanks for sharing it!

I hadn't thought to tell her teacher, but I will do that on Wednesday. She likes this man a lot...evidently he uses lots of different accents when he's reading the stories, and she thinks that's the best!

Did you remember that YOU bought that shirt for her? :)

D, thanks for your sweet comment! My kids love you!

Love you both!