Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a SWEET Day!

Today was homeschool mommy payoff day!

Two of the sweetest things happened today, and I just couldn't let the day go by without chronicling them for posterity sake. Hope they'll bless your heart like they did mine.

Shane and I made a decision recently to get Caedmon started in music lessons. He needs something to really challenge him at the same time that it blesses him in a way that he "gets". He also needed something that he was responsible for...a craft that he would need to invest time in each day.

Yesterday was his first guitar lesson. He learned a G-chord, and today he picked up his guitar no less than 3 times to practice. He's really taking ownership of it, and is so excited about learning to play!

Here's the sweet blessing...I was in the office today working on retreat stuff and he came in and sat down in the big lazy boy chair and said, "Mom. Listen to this!"

I thought he was going to play a G-chord for me, but much to my delight he played it as he sang a praise song that he had written to the Lord. It was so rich of precious words to our Father, and all I could do was weep.

Caedmon is named after a man from the 600s whom God gave the gift of song, and who spent his life from that moment on turning Scripture into song.

Nothing could have been more precious to me than watching as he fulfilled the very meaning of his name, to God's glory!

Then, on the way home from church tonight I called one of my friends whose father is dying. She is in another state right now, with her mom and brother, saying goodbye to her Daddy. I was driving as we were talking, and at one point I said to her, "I am praying for all of you. I would pray right now, but I know that I'd cry, and I don't want to cry while I'm driving."

We talked a little while longer, and then I told her good-bye.

The minute I hung up, Brennan (5) said, "Mommy. It's ok that you couldn't pray. You don't have to worry, Mommy, because I prayed! I just prayed in my head, but my eyes were open. :) And Mommy...did you know that when I pray in my head, I hear my voice?"

HOW SWEET is that?!

I can't wait to share that with my friend...I imagine she will be richly blessed knowing that sweet little Brennie-Bren was lifting her and her family before the throne of Grace.

I won't be at all surprised to find one day that Brennan's spiritual gift is mercy.

Oh, today was like a paycheck of the heart!

Thank you, Lord! Today was a time of reaping. Thank you so much. You knew I needed it!

Galatians 6:9
Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.


Stephanie said...

How exciting! One day we may flip on our Christian station and hear a new praise song by the one and only Caedmon W. :) Sweet stories. Thanks for sharing with us.

Jes said...

Wouldn't that be neat?! I'll spend the next 12 years filling him up with the Word, so that if that very thing does happen, his songs will be Scriptural. :)

How are you?

We miss you!

D.L. White said...

So sweet and precious! Thanks for sharing those stories with us!

astraughnomer said...

aww, it's reading things like this that make me know i want to have kids someday! :)

thanks for sharing!

janan said...

Hey Jes!

I have been out of town all week - driving through mid-America! I'm just now catching up on my email and reading this entry.

I love it! I can just see Caedmon singing to that guitar right now! Hope he writes his songs down in a notebook to keep them!

Brennan amazes me with her tender heart - how it is tuned in to Jesus. She already has the gift of mercy.

Keep up the good work Shane and Jesica! It's just the beginning of the good things to come!


MLM said...

That was an awesome story, and your children have beautiful names. I found your blog via Burk's. God bless!