Sunday, November 23, 2008

Have You Ever Read the Entire Bible?

I just found the coolest site! It's run by an online friend of mine, who is from South Africa. 

Hey Gaby!

It's a site designed to help people read through the entire Bible. It's called Bible Journey, and you can easily join the journey into God's Word!

You'll want to get a Chronological Bible...or, you can go to her site daily, and just click the appropriate link for the day you're on, and the text will be printed out right there for you!

If you're more of an auditory learner, you even have the option of clicking on the speaker, and LISTENING to it!


I love it!

There's even a place on her site where you can journal about what you're learning...and some great image files to help bring the Bible to life. I just looked at one of an artist's rendering of Solomon's temple, and was so in awe that my breath escaped me!

It's such a neat site...I think you'll love it.

I just joined the "journey"..why don't you grab your bags and come along with me!

Think of it as the most AMAZING RACE you'll ever enter! :)

Here's the link: Bible Journey

Love to you today!


Gaby said...

Dear Jesica, Hi friend. I have to apologise for my silence. Things have just been incredibly busy since we got back from your part of the woods. Bible Journey prep has not made it any easier. Thanks for putting this up - the website is extremely amateurish, did it myself, and then just copied my notes over, so I'm not too sure about copyright of the sources I used. Things started small in January and just became so much. We have had wonderful testimonies from people doing it. It seems as though many people have managed to keep up to date and God's Word has not returned to Him void. My husband preached on 2 tim 3:16-4:5 today encouraging everyone again that the Word of God is central to our lives in our relationship with Jesus. Surely God is amazing.
How are you, healthwise? Blessings, your South African friend, Gaby
We will be going to Plettenberg Bay for the holidays (summer here). Look in your book, I think I highlighted where my folks' house is.

Deb said...

I have spent a lot of time reading God's Word, but sadly have never read it all the way through. I signed up and will begin the journey of reading the Bible all the way through. I visit the computer daily anyway...might as well make those trips richly significant.

Thanks for the link.