Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Ticked!

I am. I'm ticked tonight.

I'm ticked about several things.

1. I'm ticked about a person in my life who claims to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ, who is actively engaged in an adulterous affair, and shows no sign of repentance.

2. I'm ticked than sin affects relationships that are precious to me, and that because of it, fellowship with people that I love has been broken.

3. I'm ticked that every time I turn around, my beloved Pastor and his wife, a friend whom I dearly cherish, are being assaulted by health issues.

4. I'm ticked that churches in America have chosen not to go deep in God's Word, in the hope of reaching the many with milk, instead of feeding the sheep with meat.

5. I'm ticked that a tv preacher has convinced my friends that they can have their best lives now, when Jesus says that all who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

6. I'm ticked that Stellan is in the hospital, and that his family is having to go through the heartache of not knowing what will happen, one day from the next.

7. I'm ticked that my President is making such poor, unGodly decisions.

8. I'm ticked that my husband has been putting in such long hours at work.

9. I'm ticked that I'd be ticked about that, when so many don't have a job.

10. I'm ticked that everytime I turn around, this stinking sinus infection returns!

11. I'm ticked that even though I'm on the "Do Not Call" list, and even though I've called the company and asked them to stop with the phone calls, I still get at least 4 offers a week from the SAME COMPANY to clean my carpets!

12. I'm ticked that my dog finds this the perfect opportunity to come into my office and pass gas!

13. I'm ticked that my house never looks completely put together. It's the nature of homeschooling, I'm afraid, but I'm still ticked about it.

14. I'm REALLY ticked about all the dust in AZ, and am SICK of breathing it in.

15. I'm ticked that my 10 year anniversary is coming up, and it doesn't look like we'll be having any sort of time away together. I'm saddened about that, more than anything.

16. I'm ticked, and more than anything, I want to go bang a tennis ball against the backboard to work out some aggression...but I can't because my husband is still at work.

17. I'm ticked that on nights like tonight, when escaping into a good movie would be a great sedative, it's almost impossible to find a good one that's not in black and white!

18. I'm ticked that someone is trying to manipulate their way into my childrens' lives, all the while completely disregarding the decisions that Shane and I have made for them.

So, what did I learn from the Word today?

I didn't spend any time in it today...can you tell?


Deb said...

Thanks for being so honest!!
God Bless You,

:) On ticked #14--I just had to look to see how many more...
God Love you Dear and I know that you know that He does.

I hope your evening will be a blessing to you as you are a blessing to others.

God, thank you for instructing us to encourage and pray for one another, all the while you keep us in YOUR CARE!


Stephanie said...

Just said a prayer for you and your overall tickedness. ;) xoxo -- There are quite a few on your list that tick me off too. So I also said a prayer for my friends/family/self for each point you made that struck a chord in their/my life. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

chandy said...

How very real! I was feeling particularly cantankerous the other day and getting upset over every big and little thing, when the thought popped up in my mind that it had been a couple of days since I'd been focused on my bible.

Jes said...

You guys are great!

I love, Steph, that you used my ranting and whining as a reminder to pray for people.

That was really great!