Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Plea for Prayer...Today!


Thanks to each of you who have commented, or emailed to say that you'd be praying.

It was really ME I needed prayer for...I don't know why I was so nervous about this meeting, but I was.

I suppose I just wanted to adequately share my love for the precious women and teen girls of our church, and longing for them to want to know God through His Word....for them to fall in love with studying for themselves.

My sweet husband went with that Biblical covering of grace, thank you Lord!

The meeting went SUPER, and our elder and pastor helped me iron out the few concerns I had about the study...logistics mainly.

Then they listened to the vision for the upcoming Precept Training, and we watched a 4 minute DVD that Precept has called, "The Power of Inductive Bible Study"....if you don't have that DVD, you NEED it!

It's powerful, and tells in 4 minutes, what the heart of the ministry is.

You can call Precept and ask for it. You might need to go through Jan Priddy.
Her email is, and she's the Director of Leader Development.

My aboslutely favorite part of that DVD is where the head of stewardship for the Ministry, Stan Latham, says something along these lines...

"What we are about has abolutely nothing to do with Precept Ministries, yet EVERYTHING to do with establishing people in God's Word."

(Sorry Stan...that's my paraphrase, but I think it's pretty close.)

Could you love that anymore if you had said it yourself?!

Amen and amen!

So, thank you for praying for me and for our church leaders...we're all set for "Sweeter Than Chocolate" to start in a's looking like it's going to be a big group, and I would truly cherish your prayers (and suggestions) of how to create an atmosphere of intimacy with a group of 25 or more.

And....prayer request #2 was answered...after having the Drs. in the Neurological clinic at Barrow review my records, I've been accepted there. Their first available appointment isn't until Dec. 23rd though, so if you'd now please pray that I could get in earlier, that would be SUPER!

Shelly...can't wait for your post on Marriage Without Regrets!

Nanner...I'm going to see if there's an MWR class in Houston starting anytime soon, and let you know.

Love to you all...

Hi Sweet Crickets,

You know...that's not really a fair name for you all.

Crickets do make noise...maybe I should call you moths.

Moths are quiet, like you all have been lately. :)

I need some comments. I feed off of them like catfish on hotdogs!

Quick prayer request...a selfish one.

OK, two actually...

1. I've been asked to share my vision for the women of our church tonight at our elder meeting. Please pray that God will speak, and that I'll be able by His grace to share what He has laid on my heart for all of us.

It's His vision and His heart for the women and girls that I want to be able to share...and my mind doesn't work the same way as it did a year ago...please pray for supernatural clarity.

Please pray.

2. Please pray that I'll be accepted as a patient into Barrow Neurological Institute, and that it will happen before the end of the year. You know, our deductible has been met for 2009.

My Dr., whom you've read about, has encouraged me to let another set of eyes look at everything, and we've decided to do that....please pray for clarity there, too.

Didn't you LOVE the post by Renae and the one from Nanners?

More guest bloggers to come...there are some amazing stories that are being sent to me...

I'm not proofing today...gotta get my act together.

Thank you so much for praying for me, and for sending in your prayer requests. I love them!

I love YOU! Thank you for being an encouragement to me during this tough time.

You are precious to me!



Shelly Mabry said...

Wow what an incredible opportunity you have been given to speak...I will be praying for sure! I will pray concerning your other request as well. And while you are doing your shots please pray for Coleman and Ann Taylor, Tonya Harvey, Curtis and Kathey Matthews and the nine ladies signed up for Marriage Without Regrets. We start on the ninth. You rock! ILY, Shelly <><

Janan Kash said...

I've been traveling and missed this prayer request! I will pray now about the Neurological place - for God's will for you. Keep us posted.

Shelly - what is the Marriage Without Regrets study? I'm in Houston - is that something I can get here?

Jes, could you please pray for my niece, Dana, and nephew, Brad, and for their 2 boys when you do your shots?

Love you!

Janan Kash said...


After I left my last comment where I said I had missed praying for you to talk to the elders about your vision for the women of the church, I started scrolling back up to the top of the screen. My system is very slow and as I scrolled, the line that you wrote that said "please pray" came up on my screen about 10 times. "Please pray" over and over.

I was surprised because I didn't remember seeing that before. When my system finally caught up with my scrolling, I saw that indeed there was one line where you wrote "Please pray." But I have to tell you, God really put on my heart to PRAY - that it is NOT too late to pray!

I thought to myself "but what if she has already spoken" and felt like God wanted me to pray not only for what you spoke, but for what the elders HEARD! So girlfriend, I have prayed that no matter what you have spoken, that those men would HEAR God's vision for the ladies of the church!