Thursday, February 04, 2010

Digging Into Psalm 77 - Questions & Comments Deeply Desired

I have come to dearly love and appreciate the transparency of the Psalmists.

I've always loved poetry, and I think of the Psalms as songs and poetry to God.

Over the next few days, I'd like it so much if you'd come along with me as we dig 

this Psalm out.

Remember, with inductive study, we aren't rushing right off to a commentary. 

If you'll play along with me, if you'll trust me, I promise that I'll tell you when 
the right time to dig into a commentary may be.

If you're a colored pencil kinda person, grab them now, and print off a copy of 

this blog post. 

I'll share with you what words to mark, and'll likely share a few 
with me too!

We're just going to start with 3 verses today.

Remember, before you ever open the Word of God, you want to pray and ask 

His Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth, as the book of John promises us that
He will.

I shared with the Jehovah's Witness ladies who have been coming to my door, 

that I never, ever study my Bible without asking for the leading of the 
Spirit of God, because my flesh is weak, and proud, and will lead me astray....
but the Spirit of my Loving God will never do that!

Here we go...

Psalm 77:1-3

My voice {rises} to God, and I will cry aloud;
My voice {rises} to God, and He will hear me.
  In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord;
In the night my hand was stretched out without weariness;
My soul refused to be comforted.
{When} I remember God, then I am disturbed;
{When} I sigh, then my spirit grows faint.

I just want you to take this slowly...I want to beg of you to ask some questions of the Word here.

Normally, I would start with who wrote the Psalm, and we will do that...but later.

For now, ask yourself ...

Where was the Psalmist placing his hope?

How did he feel about being completely transparent with God?

What did he do when trouble came?

Can you think of any promises that he might have known regarding what would happen for him when he sought the Lord?

How successful was he at "keeping his prayers to himself?"

What was his level of confidence that the Lord would care about his audible cries?

What type of relationship or understanding of the Person of God must this Psalmist have had, to "put all of his eggs in one basket?"

Do you see a contrast in these verses?

Why is it important to see that?

Ever have something so horrific happen in your life that it kept your focus, like this trouble did for the Psalmist?

What was bringing comfort to the psalmist at this point, in these verses?

What is he telling us in the last two verses?

Has his trouble abated?

Has he done all that a good believer should do to get what we want/need from God in a situation like the one the Psalmist was in?

Selah has been said to be a pause, or a musical interlude.

(That was a freebie, but I really do want you to think through these verses and answer from your heart.)

Let's see if we can get an online Precept discussion going!

I'll bring the popcorn!  No, I forgot, the kernels get all up in my gums and I look like a cow trying to slop them out. It's gross, I'll save you the pain of seeing it. I'll bring chips & salsa instead. ;)

Love you all so!

Would BEG you for your prayers as we will soon be looking for a home in Chattanooga. We're praying for a pool, as it helps so much with the MS in the summertime.

Candee Sue told me to pray for the home that God has for me...the one He wants me in.

I adamantly told her not to over-spiritualize things!

I think she snorted something warm out of her nose when I shared that with her. Then she vowed that she would be talking with me more often, after I've taken my night-night meds.

I wonder if she's up. They'll be hitting my system soon. :)

I love you, Candee Sue.

I love YOU too, sweet reader!

Now, enough of this love stuff....ya'll have work to do! :)

Comments....I need comments! 

Big Hugs,



Deb said...

digging, but not in the commentary ;)

Jes said...

Hey Deb! Good for you!

Only one comment so far, though people? Is anyone else going to study with us?

Stephanie said...

I'm totally in! Just pulled out my colored pencils and chocolate. :)

Praying you find the perfect house! What are you doing about your current house? Praying you find buyers quickly. xoxo