Saturday, June 05, 2010

Andrea Bocelli Ministered to Me Tonight...

I don't profess to know why, but I seem to have some of my sweetest times in prayer when I'm in the shower. Go figure.

I think it's the water. I'm a water girl...

Anyway, tonight as I was taking a shower, my heart was pricked to write another post about abortion. 

Then I snuck into the office to do a little work, and took a break from it to hop over to Denny Burk's blog.

He shared this video with his readers, and it took my breath away.

Andrea Bocelli has long been one of my favorite artists. Listening to this man sing, reminds me afresh that God is the One who has intimately created us, and that our lives have intrinsic value...both to us, and to countless others.

Thank you, Lord, for creating Andrea Bocelli!


Stephanie said...


Every day I look into Raelyn's beautiful face and see that she is a story of pro-life. I am so very thankful that her birth mom chose adoption over abortion!

Thanks for sharing this video, Jes.


Lindsay Riggs said...

Thanks for sharing, Jesica! I love Andrea Bocelli and now love him more!

Laura said...

Thank you for sharing. I pray for your strength in ministry, and for being able to post stories such as this. Love you.

Lisa said...

I love glad to hear this story. I love Andrea Bocelli!