Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homemaking Link-up!

Raising Homemakers

Today's may be my quickest post ever!

I'm off to pick up one of my dearest friends and precious mentors, Candee Sue.

She's flying in from AZ today to stay a few with me, and to go to training for the new Precept Network!

I realize I haven't told you about the Network yet, and phooie on me for that! It's so exciting, and so rich that it deserves a post all of it's own...which I will plan on writing soon....possibly with Candee Sue's input after she goes through it.

I also get to see Leta Lou today! 

Aaaah...God is good to me! 

They are my Pauls. Along with Momma-Nan. 

Do you have a Paul?

Who is your Timothy?

We're disciples of Christ, right?

Are you discipling and being discipled?

If not, get on it! pray and ask God to send both your way!

Your life, and theirs will be the richer for it!

Hey! Check this out....I love the site Raising Homemakers so much that I've decided to start linking up with them!

You can find some super great blog writers there...with hearts for the Lord and for their homes!

Love it!

Love you today too,

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SharonB said...

Hey Jes if you see my "Paul" today give her a big hug for me!! :-) So excited for you that you get to spend a few days with yours - I know how precious that is AND how hard it is when you live so far apart!

Enjoy your time dear one....