Thursday, January 06, 2011

I'm Sorry.

Hi Friends,

To those of you who wanted to work through the Bible study together, I'm so sorry.

December was such a tough month. It was one of those times where it felt like every time I turned around I was fighting with yet another health issue. I'm downplaying it, but between doctor and hospital visits, I was there 7 or 8 times!

I know that a few of you wrote to say that the month was turning out too crazy for you to be able to focus anyway, but I'm wondering about now. Are you at the point where you'd like to get started now?

Chaundra, would you be willing to send me an email at with your phone number? I really want to call and talk with you.

Again, I'm really sorry that I dropped the ball so bad. 

I have finally figured out how to post videos to YouTube, so if we do go forward I'll most likely do several of the posts via video.

There are other superb options, though.

Precept Ministries is doing some wonderful online studies that I could tell you about. They'll be much more polished than mine, and will be guaranteed to be on time. (wince)

Much love to you tonight,

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Anonymous said...

hey, did you get my message? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I can't wait to catch up!
Shelly <><