Saturday, January 29, 2011

YouTube Video of 2 Months Post Surgery!


Laura said...

Oh sweet friend, how I loved seeing your face tonight. So many prayers answered in this short message from you.

As you give God the glory for leading you, I know you also affirmed the doctors and surgeons who used their talents as His instruments. It is amazing how we can see in hindsight what was so muddy and confusing only months before. While I may not know why many things happen in this life, I do know that we are called to give God glory in all things and I love that you do that!

Love you xoxo

p.s. I also love that curly hair. :)

KimG in AZ said...

Yay!! Not only is that good news but great to see YOU!! I'm so happy and pray this great news just continues on and on. Praise God that he put this intervention in your path. PRAISE GOD!

Love you!! Kim

Renae said...

Dear Jessie,

Thanks for letting us know what's been going on with you. What an INCREDIBLE praise report!! For all of this to have improved in just 2 months is truly a miracle. Picture me here in Arizona rejoicing with you, lady!
In His Love,

Deb said...

Dear Jes,
I am rejoicing with you that you have made much progress. I am giving God praise with you for all that He has done through this process. Thanking Him for all the hands and minds that He provided for help along the way.