Monday, March 05, 2012


This request just came in from Mia and Costel, two of my heroes of the faith. If you go to the search bar of my blog and enter either of their names, you'll see how I've written of them in times past...of how their courage and faith have inspire my own walk with Jesus.

They are the European ambassadors for Precept Ministries, and work with pastors, trainers, students, widows and orphans all over Europe.

They, and those they train and love, truly understand what it means to lay their lives down in order to take up their crosses and FOLLOW Jesus.

For those of you who are still blinded to truth, and think that all Jesus was was a great need to ask yourselves if people would really be willing to DIE or suffer imprisonment just to study the words of a great man.

I challenge you that they would NOT.

But, to lay their lives down in order to study the Word of the living God, who tells us to love our enemies...that takes FAITH, and a deep conviction to live for a purpose that greatly supersedes oneself.

I've had the great and humbling privilege to be in the presence of, and hear the testimonies of many of my European brothers and sisters in Christ who are working with Precept Eurasia.

My heart is deeply concerned for them tonight...wondering if it's one of those that I've met who is now imprisoned.

If it is, all I can think is...their captors are in for quite the blessing!

Please join me in lifting these precious saints up before our sovereign Lord.


Urgent Prayer Request:
A group of our Precept students were arrested as they studied a session in the book of Philippians in Uzbekistan. They were interrogated and tomorrow they will be judged and sentenced. Please pray for their protection, and for them to continue to serve the Lord with boldness.
Mia & Costel

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