Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Cupbearer and The Baker...

We're continuing our study of Genesis, and of Joseph's life. Today we were in chapter 40. I've heard it taught that in the Old Testament, there are people who were "types" of Christ. I think what is meant by this is that they were a foreshadow of Jesus.

Today, I saw something amazing in the life of Joseph. In Chapter 40, he is in an Egyptian prison, having been falsely accused.

2 men are also thrown into prison by Pharoah. From reading the Scripture, it seems that both were guilty, therefore they deserved prison.

Both men have dreams, and both allow Joseph to interpret them.

Joseph tells the cupbearer that his dream means that he will be freed from jail in 3 days. The cupbearer is going to be SET FREE.

He also tells the baker that his dream means that he will be hung in 3 days. The baker, thus will DIE.

There are so many pictures of foreshadowing in this story..but the biggest one that I see is the fact that one of these men will be set free, and one will die...and that innocent Joseph is the one that proclaims that to both of them.

Think about when Jesus hung on the cross. He too was innocent of the charges brought against Him. Yet, on either side of Him hung 2 guilty men. One recognized Him as the Savior, and He told that man that the man would be with Jesus in paradise, that very day.

The other man did not recognize him as Savior, and thus he died, having only hell to welcome him.

I'm still sorting through all of the comparisons in my head...but I thought those were pretty profound.

We will see, Joseph goes on to be the redeemer of his people.

Do you know, Jesus...the Redeemer of the World?

If not, let's talk about Him. He loves you more than anyone else ever will.

In Him,

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