Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Learning from the Flip Side..

Today, I am learning what Scripture means when it talks about being part of the same body, and thus hurting when others hurt.

It's not that I actually studied this passage TODAY...I studied it some months ago...but today, I'm getting it.

I just got word that a precious sister in Christ has cancer. She's battled it before...and it was a BIG battle.

Now, she has a different kind of cancer. And, she's going into surgery again.

I feel like my heart is going to break wide open! She's not in Phoenix, so I feel especially helpless...I can't take dinner to her family, or offer to keep her kids, or go and visit her in the hospital.

I am understanding tonight, what it means to be part of one body, and when one part hurts, the others do also.

She's a mother of young children...I can't imagine how she is feeling right now.

But, I trust this about my sweet friend...she loves the LORD with all of her heart, and I know that she will put her trust in His sovereignty. I know that she will choose to praise Him through this storm.

It's hard sometimes, to be asked to give God the glory in our lives, when we're in painful situations. Our humanity almost demands to know the outcome..almost as if we want to tell God, "Listen God...just let me know how You're going to be glorified through all of this, and I'll be happy to give you the glory."

But, it doesn't work that way, does it?

He asks us to live by faith.

I've tried it both by only what I could see...and living by faith.

The first only seems easier...when in reality it brings great heartache. For, what I can see and what God can see are vastly different things.

He knows the future, because He holds it in His hands...and He asks me to trust that He loves me, and is always working for my best...even when I can't "see" it.

Yes, today it feels like I'm learning from the "flip side"...I'm not writing you tonight about some great insight that God showed me during my study time today.

But, He is definitely teaching me this very minute...what it means to mourn with those who mourn...and what it means to hurt when a member of His body ( my body ) hurts...

My friend is so precious...she loves others deeply, and lives her life to honor Christ, with all of her heart.

When cancer hit her years ago, she fought back reaching out to help others who were fighting the same battle.

When another friend of mine found out that her daughter had cancer, this friend was the first to say, "Please...give her my information...I want to help."

Would you please keep her in your prayers tonight? I'm intentionally leaving her name off, because I don't have permission to share it...but would you pray...God knows...just say, "God...would you please be with Jesica's precious friend...the one that is always thinking of how to help others? She needs YOUR help right now, God."

One body, many great that God has made that clear through His Word...a part of our body needs our prayers...would you please hit your knees for her?

Please, please, please.

In Him,

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