Thursday, October 11, 2007

Please - Sign Petition to Keep Jerusalem Undivided!

I PLEAD WITH you to go to the below blog and read the post for October 9th.

Please click the link found within and sign the petition to keep Jerusalem undivided. Please!

Jerusalem, along with all of Israel, is land that was promised to the Israelites from God Himself, way back in God's covenant with Abram.

As you study through prophecy of the Old Testament, you will see over and over again that God reconfims His covenant with His chosen people, the Jews. The land is a HUGE part of God's covenant with her.

After WWII, God led His people back to the land that He had given them. It's inconceivable that they would surrender control, even partial control, of Jerusalem to their enemies. They've already done that with the Gaza strip, and what has it benefitted them?

There are times in Scripture when God's people made covenants based in fear, with enemy nations, and they were dismal failures.

Yet, the covenants that God made with His beloved people will never fail.

Covenants based in fear are worthless. A covenant of faith in God...perfect.

Please, I beg you, please go and sign this petition. Show our President and the UN that we will stand with Israel, and for her.

Remember the tragedies of WWII? Remember the horrors that happened because those who could didn't stand up and protect Israel soon enough? Think of the lives that could have been saved had we, and the other allied forces had acted on her behalf more quickly.

While you're there, please sign the one about the Temple Mount too.

In Yeshua,


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