Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Conversation with the Heinz Company Today

I received an e-mail today, forwarded from a friend, from a watchdog group that alerts people to consumer issues that are counter to a Biblical worldview.

I encourage you to click the link below, to watch a video that the Heinz Company aired recently in Europe. After you watch it, come back here and read the rest of my post, ok?

Warning...this clip includes two men kissing. It comes across as promoting homosexual marriages. I wouldn't want my children to see I'm giving you warning for your own.

Did you see it?'s my experience with it today...

When I first watched the video, my heart was grieved. I didn't see any humor in it at all. Instead, I saw a very sad commentary on what the reality of life is for some children.

Just last week, the state of California chose to allow gay "marriage". I put marriage in parenthesis, because what they have allowed is not truly marriage.

The day that the legislation was to be enacted, Caedmon heard it on Radio Shine news, and came running into my room saying, "MOMMY! MOMMY! Today at 5pm in the state of California, they are going to allow a man to marry a man, and a woman to marry a woman!"

My first words were, "Kids. We must hit our knees right now. We must cry out to God for the sin of our country. We must beg His mercy."

So we did.

After our time in prayer, Caedmon looked at me and said, "Mommy. I wouldn't want to have 2 Daddies. Yuck! Children need a Mommy. I mean, I love Daddy a lot...but're soft. Daddies aren't soft."

Hmmm...the heart expression of a 7 year old on the issue of gay "marriage".

He went on..."Mommy. Kids need a Mommy. Mommies are tender. Mommies give you lots of hugs and kisses. Mommies are just different from Daddies. I feel sorry for those kids who don't have a Mommy."

Wonder if the Heinz company gave any thought to this?

Well..back to today.

After viewing that commercial, I just stopped and prayed. And yes, it was a commercial that was running in Europe. It's since been pulled, but it did air for a time. Imagine how our brothers and sisters in Christ in Europe must have felt when they saw it.

They didn't have to tune into the MTV awards to see Britney kissing Madonna. All they had to do was turn on their tv set to a seemingly innocent show, and
BOOM! it was right there in their faces!

So, as I prayed, I asked the Lord to give me wisdom as to what He would have me do.

And then, I picked up the phone and called the Heinz company to share my heart.

I had asked the Lord to put the words in my mouth. I didn't want to lead with a threat. I just wanted to be honest about how I, as a consumer, felt about this ad.

Evidently, a lot of other people had opinions too, because I was on hold for quite a while.

When the girl finally answered, I just shared with her that as one of their customers, my heart was grieved by their choice in advertising. I told her that the very people who are buying the product (women who do the grocery shopping) are the very ones whose position in the home has been removed in this ad.

I also shared with her that things in our country are tense enough right now, with the decisions just handed down in CA, and that the perception that their ad leaves in the mind of the consumer is that they are in full support of gay unions, and want the viewers to see them as commonplace.

She was very kind, and explained that the ad was supposed to be a joke, based upon what the product is....NY Deli style mayo. Evidently, what she thought they were trying to express was that when mom chooses this mayo, it makes her food as tasty as though it were made in a NY Deli.

I asked, "Don't you think it would have been humorous if the Mom had been dressed like a deli cook...maybe even with a big tattoo on her forearm, and complete with a NY accent?"

"As it is, the attempt at humor is completely missing, because all we see is two men in a homosexual relationship. I didn't get that this was supposed to be "Mom". I'm guessing I'm not alone."

We had a good discussion, and I told her that I am a Christian, and that I hoped that my words had come across in love and gentleness.

She said, "Oh yes. You've been very kind. We've had some people calling in here today who have been very, very mad." (The implication from her tone was more like rude and hateful.)

It was a great opportunity to tell her this..."My Savior is gentle. He is kind. He is loving..and He calls me to be the same. I hope His light has shined through my words today, and I thank you so much for your time."

A few years ago, I don't think I would have been able to handle this with grace. Yet, that's the only way we as Christians will be able to impact a lost world. They have to see Jesus in us.

Maybe you'll consider calling them in love, and expressing your heart on the matter, too?

In Jesus,



chandy said...

"My Savior is gentle. He is kind. He is loving..and He calls me to be the same. I hope His light has shined through my words today, and I thank you so much for your time."

I love that quote. That's a great example of how we should behave when we don't agree with something in this world. This just seems to be so much more effective than ranting and raving.

Laura said...

I tried to view the YouTube link and it's already gone. I guess Heinz is probably on damage control. I'm so proud of the way you handled your conversation in love, as a light on a hill that can not be hidden.

I have a firm stand on this issue also. My blog post ... in a hand basket that I wrote almost two years ago says just about everything I have to say about gay and lesbian unions. I am grieved as well that things in America seem to be slowly moving toward acceptance of open sin in every area of life.

Love you, Jes.
See you soon!