Thursday, June 19, 2008

What I Want My Children to Know About Their Daddy

Today our children and I were having the loveliest of breakfasts together, and one of them asked why it is that their friend's dad has to work so much.

Talk about an open door for rich conversation!

We got to talk about choices, and lifestyles.

I asked them if they know how old the car is that their Daddy drives....

"OLD!" said Caedmon.

"Yes, son. It's 10 years old. And Mommy's car is 11 years old. That's a choice we've made."

Then I asked them if they knew how much their Daddy loves to play golf...

"A lot!" said Caedmon. "And he's pretty good at it!"

"You're right. But how often does play?"

"Not very much."

"Have you ever wondered why?"

"He only plays about 2 times a year, son. That's another choice that your Daddy has made. He's chosen not to play golf often, because it costs a lot of money to play. He's also chosen not to drive a fancy car, and not to fill our home with plasma televisions and all the newest in electronics. He doesn't want to be in debt to those things, kids, because he knows that having all the "stuff" would mean that he wouldn't be able to be home with us. He'd have to be working to pay for those things."

Brennan then said, "YES! And he yoves his childwen, and you too Mommy!" (She's just TOO cute!)

Then we talked about how Daddy and Mommy have made choices to live with less, so that I can be home with them. We discussed what a blessing it is to be able to homeschool, and we talked about how totally unimportant having a Wii really is. :)

I told them that if I was still in the work world, we'd have new cars, and lots of fancy things...but that they wouldn't have me, and that they wouldn't have much of Daddy, either.

I explained to them how much they have to be thankful for in their when I was a little girl, I would have given anything in the world to have had a Daddy that wanted to come home and play with me, like theirs does with them.

Then we listed all of the things that we love about went something like this:

He plays LEGOs with me.

He swims with me.

He wrestles me down.

He builds little LEGO houses for me.

He teaches me how to play baseball..and even coached my team!

He draws with me. I love to draw!

He loves me.

Me too! He loves me too! Oh, and he teaches me about God's Worwd. :)

Actually, that was their list... here is mine:

He's the best looking man I've ever known.

I could get lost in his big brown eyes. (and do!)

He's a gracious (not really!) loser when I kick his tail in backgammon...time and time again. :)

He makes me laugh on the outside. Few can accomplish this, but he does so often.

He gives almost every dish I make, a solid 10. That's a big deal coming from an engineer. :)

He covers me. Under his headship, I blossom. Without it, I'd be lost.

He's a fantastic Dad.

He works his tail off for us, and never, ever complains.

He drives 2 hours a day, and comes in the door with a smile on his face every single night.

He challenges me. I dig this to no end!

He's my best friend.

He loves the Lord, and is SERIOUS about his family knowing and loving Him too.

Shane..we love you, honey. Each of us, deeply..and each for many reasons.

You are so appreciated!


janan said...

Okay, so you are not supposed to make me cry at work! I'll have to read this again when I get home.

H3 said...

Thank you, Jes! This is so beautiful. Thank you for reminding me and Jason why we are doing things the way we are and why it is SO important. You are such an inspiration. BTW, When are you guys heading this way?

D.L. White said...

What a sweet post! I love the picture too! Thanks for sharing!