Thursday, February 05, 2009

John Piper to President Obama

This is an awesome message from Pastor Piper to President Obama, regarding the sanctity of life. 

I hope you'll click the link and watch the's only 3 minutes long.

He's so loving father would truly ever wish for their daughter to have the right to abortion on demand. 

Who wants that for their children?

Here's the YouTube link...


chandy said...

Don't you just love Piper? I could listen to him preach all day!

Jes said...

You know, I've read one of his books...which was great, but I'm pretty new to his preaching.

This one really pierced my heart, though. I kept thinking about him being like Deitrich Bonhoffer, who was willing to stand up against the machine of the Nazi's, to speak the truth of God's Word.

Piper's message certainly wasn't politically correct...but WOW!, what leadership...what a way to speak the truth in love!

chandy said...

He has a podcast on itunes where you can download his sermons for free!

(It's a little depressing to go to itunes and see the list of most popular podcasts in the religion and spirituality category and see that Joel Osteen and Oprah are #1 and #2, but Piper is #6, which I guess isn't too bad for such an un-PC message.)