Friday, February 20, 2009

Teaching Teens How To Study The Bible

I just have to share today...I'm so excited!

Veracity Group and Precept Ministries have teamed together and now have inductive Bible studies geared for Jr. High and High School aged kids!!!!!!!


These are ideal for Homeschoolers who are looking for a homeschool Bible curriculum! They are also perfectly geared for use in Christian schools, and I'm hoping to use them to lead the youth in our church on Wednesday nights.

Last summer, at our Precept retreat, there was a teacher from a private Christian school who had been piloting these studies with her students. She brought several of the girls to the retreat, and they were such an encouragement to the women in attendance, as we witnessed first hand their understanding of God's Word.

These girls had learned to study the Bible inductively, and for their final exam, they had to fill out a blank "At a Glance" chart. 

Basically, an "At a Glance" is a blank chart which the student fills in with appropriate chapter titles, after having studied a book of the Bible and chosen a title for each chapter.

So imagine...these girls knew the book of the Bible that they had studied so well, that they were able to fill in chapter themes for the entire book, by memory!

Isn't that amazing?!

Oh, did I tell you that these girls were YOUNG? The average age was about 14!

Are you encouraged that YOU too can learn to study for yourself?!

You just have to go and check out Veracity Group's web site! 

I hope you're inspired, and if you're a youth Bible study leader, I hope you'll order some studies and ground those kids in the truth of God's Word.

Have a great day!

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Luca said...


We're so encouraged about your excitement! As you know, the best marketing is word of mouth, so we appreciate your voice! It's a grassroots effort, but the results are more precious than gold!!!

Let us know if you need anything. The samples are online now.