Wednesday, August 26, 2009

David Arthur of Precept Ministries - Awesome Story!

What a privilege to have David Arthur write this post as a guest blogger!

Thank you David for taking the time to do so..we love and pray for all of you at Precept!

Here is a short thought from our recent men’s conference in Texas:

At least three men approached the teaching staff at our recent men’s conference in Waxahatchie, Texas. All three of the men shared the same story: We have left our wives but we are now going back. Simple. They had studied for themselves what God says about forgiveness. They either needed to receive or give forgiveness – but all three of them were ready to make things right.

David Lawson taught about the role of forgiveness and the glory of God. He shared very practical exercises to pursue forgiveness for the Glory of God.

Ritchie Johnson walked us through Christ’s suffering on the cross and finished with God’s forgiveness for us.

I taught out of the life of Joseph that God is completely in control of all our circumstances and because that is true we can forgive others.

When the men were not in the auditorium they were in a small group working through Precept’s study on forgiveness – studying the text for themselves. They were hearing from God – through His living and active Word – the Bible.

A weekend spent with 250 men in Texas… no football, no hunting, no fishing – just inductive Bible study. At least three marriages now have a chance.

Praise be to our God!

David Arthur

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