Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My day was relatively simple ...but rich in fun

Heard today after church from my son, "I said a verse. I got a whoopie cushion."

I just broke out laughing, asking if I could say a verse, too. :)

It wasn't until much later...once Shane and I were alone, and he found it hidden under a pillow that he seemed to be getting a bit worked up about this littl' ol' innocent whoopie cushion.

I said, "Honey..what's the problem with them?"

"I just hate them."

I suppose that it was something in the WAY that he said it that tweaked my hearing...and
fine-tuned it to his heart.

"HONEY!!!!!!!!!! You didn't HAVE a whoopie cushion when you were growing up, now did you?"

"No. I did not."

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I'm about to bust a gut at this point! Not only did he NOT have a Whoopie Cushion, he did not see a NEED for one!!!!!


"Get Up!" I told him.


"Get Up! You'll thank me for this later. I'm about to become your best friend 2x over!"

So, as he stared at me in total disbelief, I blew up the whoopie cushion, and then set it on the nightstand.

"Now what?!" he asked.

"Now you WHOOPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

We laughed so hard that I thought we'd have to pick ourselves up of the floor!

It was sweet! You just haven't really lived until you've plopped your potookie on a whoopie cushion, and lost yourself in giggles and snorts, now have you?!


It's just my humble opinion, but I think EVERY family needs a whoopie cushion, and I'm quite thankful that my son learned a Bible verse, so that we could have one. :)

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Deb said...

Hey, I read your post and I did not know what a whoopie cushion was. Maybe I shouldn't admit it, oh well. I googled it and saw a U-tube of it and I thought I know what that is.
When my grandchildren were here this summer, they had one of these things and we just laughed, but I had no idea that was what that thing was called.