Thursday, December 02, 2010

New "Rules" for Our Online Blog Bible Study

1. No guilt.

2. Forget the previously listed timeline. Here's the coolest thing that I'm realizing that Leta Lou made me see about this study...if we all just work through it as we can during this busy season, we'll remain in the Word during the rush of Christmas! Yay!

And, if we will just faithfully post as we learn, then we'll continue the "discussion."

I'm rethinking how to make the comment posting as easy as possible...both on you and on me, and I think maybe the most seamless way to do this is for me to write a little bit about each day of the study...and then post application questions by the day of the study, according to the book.

That way those who haven't started yet won't feel behind, and if you or I miss a day in the craziness of all that we as wives and mothers are doing during our celebrations of our Lord this month, it will be easy just to jump in where we left off.

Also, it will allow Dawn and me to start fresh with our kiddos and keep on task. :-)   (I got your back, girlfriend!)

Today is Dec. 2nd. This is a 28 day study. If I end up not posting on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we'll should still be able to complete our study by the end of the month, Lord willing.

But if not....there will be grace.

Aaaah. Don't you just want to thank God afresh for grace every time you hear the word?!

Thank You, Lord...for grace!

Here's the other cool thing I realized Leta made me see...this blog study will be timeless!

A year from now someone could pop on here and go day by day through it "with us." How wonderful is that?!

I'm so thankful to have such a bright mind brilliant 
(and long-suffering) friends! I love you, Leta Lou! I'm off now to get prettied up for my beloved before he gets home, and to do day one with my kiddos!

I love you all,


chaundra Anderson said...

Sounds wonderful! I have another friend that ordered her book, Carmen. There was an issue with the order and this will be good news to her! Yay!

I love love love thinking about the ones that will come after and do this study in the future. It helps me relate to Kay, (it FEELS like we're on a first name basis) when she says she loves us or is praying for us. Pretty cool. :)

No guilt, grace, and being in the Word all this busy season. I love it.

Btw, do any of you need some short daily advent devos to do with your kids? I found a great link.

Love to you. Soli Deo Gloria

Leta Lou said...

So glad I could be of help wise friend!