Saturday, November 24, 2007

Prayer Requests...To Be An Ongoing Post...

I am feeling quite led by the Lord to have a section on my blog for prayer requests.

So, here it it....only thing is, I don't know how to make it an actual "section", so as for now it will just be this post, and if you have a prayer request, I beg of you to list it here as a comment.

What greater gift is there that we can give our brothers and sisters in Christ, than to pray for them? Wjat better gift to give the lost?

It will bring great joy to have a record of these requests that we can come back to from time to time, to reflect upon, and to share the way that God has answered them.

My request...I just had surgery, and I'm requesting a speedy healing. My praise...I have an amazing husband who has taken such great care of me, and a doctor who went above and beyond for me! Please pray God's blessings upon them both. :)

I also ask you to lift up my famliy in prayer...many of my extended family members don't know the Lord, and they need Him. Please pray for their salvation.


Now, how can we pray for you today?

In Him,

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