Tuesday, November 13, 2007

URGENT Prayer Request....

I just received this note from Jan at Precept Ministries, asking us to pray for our fellow brothers in Christ.

Bob, the man mentioned below, is an international hostage negotiator. PLEASE, stop for a few minutes and ask the LORD to guide and protect Bob and the missionary, Steve and their families during this time of persecution. I have deleted the name of the organization Bob is working with, for reasons of security.

"My Bob left today for Washington, DC and then off to Africa to help _____ get an American Missionary who was kidnapped, released. Bob is very nervous. The last missionary the terrorist group kidnapped, lost his finger at the hands of the kidnappers and it was sent back to ______as proof of the kidnap. Bob is meeting with _______ tomorrow and then off to _____. The missionary's name is Steve. He is married with 3 kids. His wife is back in the US, safe. Bob has 29 saves, but he has lost 5. We are having our church pray during Bob's negotiations."

You and I may not be the ones on the mission field in Africa, but we have a responsibility to our brothers in Christ, to lift them up in prayer.

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't even know how to pray? Where the pain of your circumstances was so tough that your only prayer was, "God, please help me?".

I was there this summer. It was so hard. So dark. The evil one was on the rampage, and he wanted all glory in my life. All I could say, over and over again was, "God. Please!"
"God. Please!"

Yet, I took such ENORMOUS comfort in knowing that my brothers and sisters in the Lord were lifting me up in prayer...they were the ones that were praying the Word back to God on my behalf. They were so faithful...the truly did bear my burden with me.

And God was so gracious...He heard their prayers, and answered on our behalf.

Let's commit today to pray like that for these dear men.

Will you?

Pray that God is glorified in their lives, as I have no doubt that would be their prayer request.

In Him,

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