Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Gift of a Thoughtful Friend

I feel like I've been away from my blog for so long, and there's so much to tell you.

Mia and Costel are out of Qatar. Last I heard they were in Vienna, but I'm hoping that by now they are on American soil and are resting peacefully in their beds. I'll let you know as I'm updated.

I wanted to post all of the many e-mails that came from Precept, asking for prayer for them, but was battling to get well myself...and by the time I felt up to posting, your precious prayers for them had been answered. Praise You, Lord!

I still plan on posting Jan Priddy's note on continuing in was wonderful! Look for that in a few days.

Truly, there is so much to tell you about all that God has done in the past weeks while we've been battling illness....but I have to take it in pieces.

Tonight I want to tell you about Brennan's birthday....

Right in the midst of all of our sickness, Brennan turned 6 years old. It was all that we could do to muster the energy to go and buy a present for her. Shane is the one who mustered it, actually.

My sweet and tender hearted friend Davina found out that it was Brennan's birthday and went out of her way to make it special for all of us.

Davina has a gift with cakes, you see...and she's also a gifted artist. She and Brennan share a common bond because they are both quite talented with all things artsy. :)

Sweet Davina couldn't bear the idea of us not having a beautiful cake for Brennan, and when she found out that we were going to make a princess castle cake, she offered to go to the store and get the items we'd need for it.

Little did I know that she was going to go all out....and I do mean ALL out!

She came through the door looking like the Candy (wo)Man. I wanted to start singing a song about how the Candy (wo)Man showers things in love and makes the world taste good! :)

Not only did she bring the decorations for the cake, but she even brought gifts for both of the children!

For Brennan she brought a Cinderella Polly Pocket and for Caedmon a Match Box Army set. SCORE! DOUBLE SCORE!

D, Brennan loves her Cinderella so much that she's taking it with us to Disney World in a few months...she let me know this today. :)

Davina, thank you so much sweet friend! We wouldn't have had much of a birthday celebration here had it not been for your thoughtfulness.

You are such a sweetheart!

Here are pictures of our princess castle. Didn't she do a great job?!

"A friend loves at all times...." Proverbs 17:17

We love you, D.


chandy said...

Hi Jesica,
So glad to hear that you are all feeling better. I actually don't even see much of Shane at work, so I had no idea you were still sick until I read your last post! But I'm glad Brennan had a nice birthday and hopefully life is getting back to "normal" for you!

Jes said...

Thanks, Chandy! I need to talk to you about your trip to Florida, as we're all going for Wastecon.

I'd like to pick your brain. :)

chandy said...

How fun! We were in the panhandle, and I've never actually been to Orlando. Make sure you check out though. There are some super-obsessed people there that know everything there is to know about the Magic Kingdom!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jes- here's a blast from the past for you. I came across your site on the CHS reunion website and thought I'd shoot a note to the gal who taught me how to slow dance back in the 8th grade in our matching outfits from Xpress! :) Glad to hear things are going so well for you- you have a lovely family! Donn and I are married 21 years now and just took our oldest off to college a couple of weeks ago. Our youngest is in 7th grade now- time is flying! If you'd like to catch up, my email is and my blog is at Blessings! angie (wilson)headley

Janan Kash said...

I love these pics and this fabulous cake! What a great job! I watched The Sound of Music last night and thought that Brennan looks like the little girl Grettle (sp?) in the movie!


Deb said...

Hey Jes,
Just wanted to give God thanks "outloud" for all the ways God answers our prayers.

Praise you Father!

I'm very glad to hear you all are feeling better.


D.L. White said...

Sorry I'm just now getting around to responding to this post. Thank you so much for the shout-out. (blushing) I was just glad to be able to help. You guys did a fabulous job - the cake looks wonderful! I'm glad Brennan's birthday was a good one. :)