Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This will likely be my shortest post ever.

I'm off to bed for rest. Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

A precious friend of mine asked me today, "How can we be praying for you?" and all I could think was to ask her to please pray for Mia and Costel.

They are the Eurasian Amabassadors for Precept Ministries....two of the most humble and gracious people I've ever had the great blessing to meet. They are cherished members of the Precept staff, and loved by everyone there.

The children and I just finished reading a biography on Brother Andrew, and all the while that we were reading it, I just kept thinking about Mia and Costel, and about their work for the Lord all over Europe. They inspire me, as do Jack and Kay and the many other precious people at the ministry. (This could turn into a very long post if I listed each by name...but oh my goodness, I love this ministry, and the people involved with it!)

OK..back to the story....Costel recently had a bout of illness while traveling, and had to be hospitalized in a country that is not his own.

Would you please pray for the Lord to heal him completely, and for grace for Mia during this time?

It's no fun being sick, and especially when you're not at home.

I hope you get to meet them one day...their lives shine forth in glory to God! Truly, they define the word "hero" for me.

OK...I'm off to rest...please pray for them; for the Washington Precept Leader Day; for Janna as she's writing the next D4Y study; and for the Summar, Goetz and Arthur families during their time of heartache.

Much love,


Marilena said...

Hi Jes!
You said you were "off to rest" Are you still sick??!! I'm hoping you just meant that you were tired! The kids and I will definately pray for your family this morning and also for Mia and Costel.
Hope to see you soon!!

Anonymous said...

I have been getting email updates about Mia and Costel and have been praying for them too!

Deb said...

Hoping you all are feeling better by now, still praying for you and your family, and the people you mentioned...especially Mia and Costel.

In Him,