Friday, July 31, 2009

Precept Training - Phoenix, Arizona

Two Precept training workshops are coming up at
Standing Stones Community Church, Phoenix, AZ- in the North Valley. (16th Ave & Happy Valley Rd.)

Workshops are open to, women and teens. Free training for Pastors and some Church leaders is explained below.

Here's the schedule:

Sept 18th, Word Studies;
Sept. 19th, Basics of Precept Upon Precept.

Basics of Precept Upon Precept (1 day)
If you’ve never done a Precept Upon Precept (PUP) course, this is where to start.
This workshop will qualify you to lead Precept Upon Precept classes after learning to do homework and how to effectively lead a discussion. Experience the joy of discovering the Truth of the Bible for yourself!

Word Studies (1 day)
Learn to do Word Studies to uncover insights not readily apparent in English.
Discover how definitions and grammatical structures of verbs help in more accurately interpreting the text.

FREE - for information about FREE training for Pastors and Church Leaders, please go to:

These 2 workshops could qualify as FREE to Pastors and some Church Leaders!

Please copy & paste this invite and send to your friends, your churches, other Precept leaders, and the class members whom you praying that God would raise up other leaders from within your classes.

People need to know how to dig into God's Word for themselves...will you help them?

For additional info: or 623-444-6551

Let's be on our faces, begging God for new leaders to be raised up...especially men! :)
More leaders means more people in God's Word!
More male leaders could mean more men leading their families and church bodies in God's Word!

Love you all so much,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jes! Just letting you know how our conversations and your blog have challenged me to be in much prayer for my husband to be one God will raise up to teach Precept Studies. My vision is for the two of us to lead together one day.